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June 2013


Dinner is the Show

Dinner is the Show

How a Twin Cities visionary changed the way we think about dining out

Eat Your Way Through Summer

Eat Your Way Through Summer

What to grill, where to drink, how to cook farmers' market finds, and more!


Skin in the Game

Ripple Effect: Skin in the Game

Will sexy sports sell in Minnesota?

Maya Mystery

Ripple Effect: Maya Mystery

Inside the largest touring exhibit ever built by the Science Museum of Minnesota

The Perfect Purse

Trending: The Perfect Purse

This summer, brighten up your outfit with a locally made purse from Jenna Lou Designs, Nelle, Christopher Straub, or Urban Junket. Now this is arm candy.

2 Looks: 2 Ways

Trending: 2 Looks: 2 Ways

Summer Fashion for guys and gals.

Start Your Engines

True North: Start Your Engines

Slowing down in style—in a town best known for racing

June 2013 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: June 2013 Arts Calendar

What you need to do, see, and hear this month

Shining Bright

Scene: Shining Bright

The Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Gala celebrates the lives of those impacted by memory loss

Going Green

Scene: Going Green

The green tie affair supports conservation efforts in and around Minnesota

MN Moments: Highway to Wobegon

What happens when Minnesotans get behind the wheel?

Summer Skin

Expert: Summer Skin

How to prep your skin for summer, from the inside out


Muse: Tinnitus

What a daughter hears

Joe, Unscripted

Q&A: Joe, Unscripted

Joe Dowling on haters, home, the Guthrie legacy, and how to (politely) walk out of a show

Something Borrowed

Shops: Something Borrowed

A renovated Lula Vintage Wear refreshes the art of old

Style Doctor

Transformations: Style Doctor

From med-school scrubs to full-time fabulous

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