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Eat Your Way Through Summer

What to grill, where to drink, how to cook farmers' market finds, and more!

Eat Your Way Through Summer

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Summer's Best Burgers

Icehouse: Foie Gras Burger

Victory 44: Perfect Burger

Harriet Brasserie: Hill Burger

Blue Door Pub: Jiffy Burger

Anchor Fish & Chips: Helicopter Burger

Grill Wisdom

From Clancey’s proprietor Kristin Tombers
Don’t think of your grill as a kind of overheated microwave—start early and take your time. When Tombers lights her backyard fire pit, she keeps it going for several hours. She roasts veggies. She cooks proteins. Some she eats right away, some she saves to stir into chopped salads later in the week. • 4307 Upton Ave. S., Mpls., 612-926-0222, clanceysmeats.com

5 Great Grillables that go beyond burgers & brats

We asked the protein professionals at Clancey’s Meats & Fish in Linden Hills for their favorite under-the-radar grillables

1. Goat Chops with Curried Yogurt 
You can get these already marinated at Clancey’s or make your own marinade with yogurt and Indian spices. Mix up extra yogurt to top cooked meat. Alexander Huffington serves these over a salad of couscous and parsley.

2. Blue Prawns with Charmoula 
Fresh, herby flavors and sweet, meaty shrimp. Andrew Garrison makes a thin sauce by blending garlic, lemon juice, cilantro, parsley, hot pepper, and lots of olive oil. Use some to marinate the shrimp for an hour, save the rest for dipping.

3. Halibut Cheeks 
Halibut filets are a bit delicate for the grill, so Susan Wiesner marinates the cheeks in a soy-based dipping sauce or nuoc cham (fish sauce with lime and chilis).

4. Offal Skewer 
David Urso and Julian Oja recommend soaking chicken livers, rabbit kidneys, and duck hearts in milk overnight to leach out the iron. Then thread onto skewers with big chunks of bacon (at least three-quarters of an inch). Serve over bitter greens, like frisée.

5. Grilled Feta Over Sliced Tomatoes 
The grill isn’t just for meat. Mike Veazey grills thick slabs of feta and layers them with local tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and fresh oregano. Advanced backyard cooks should try smoking some duck eggs to serve over spinach for a veggie-friendly summer meal.


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