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Maya Mystery

Inside the largest touring exhibit ever built by the Science Museum of Minnesota

Maya Mystery
Incense Urn. Located in Gallery 6: Making a Living.

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Gallery 6: Making a Living

It was good to be the king—or a priest—in ancient Caracol.  A model neighborhood suggests how everyone else lived.

Gallery 7: Death and Rebirth

The most object-filled gallery offers a look at caves and bodies of water, believed by the ancient Maya to be portals to the underworld.  Thus, they threw in everything from pots and other ritual objects to human sacrifices.  The more sacrifices, the more desperate the Maya were for rain—which seemed to be the case toward the end.

Gallery 8: Dead Tell Tales

We will know you by your bling.  Here, you can scope a Mayan king’s bling and try your hand at tomb excavation.

Gallery 9: A Story in Pictures

See yourself with dental inlays, tooth fillings, cranium modifications, and other ancient Maya beauty treatments via video projection.  Also, an entire room is reconstructed here of murals from Mexico depicting a succession to the throne—murals that were never finished, suggesting an end to the royal courts.

Gallery 10: Maya Roots Run Deep

Maya culture didn’t die, the kingdoms did.  Here, Maya people talk about their enduring identity while images of the maize god from 2,000 years ago, 1,300 years ago, and today connect the dots of an evolving culture.

Building Worlds

Five amazing exhibitions created by the Science Museum (and where they are now)

  • Race: Are We So Different?
    The first national exhibition to discuss race from biological, cultural, and historical viewpoints. Will be in Birmingham, Alabama, this summer.
  • Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science
    New revelations about the world’s most mysterious ancient culture. Will be in St. Louis, Missouri, this summer.
  • Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life
    The biological origins of music—how it’s created and why we’re inspired by it. Will be in Macon, Georgia, this summer.
  • Robots & Us
    The history of robots in science and popular culture, and how they work. Will be in Richmond, Virginia, this summer.
  • Playing With Time
    Exploring the unseen world of natural change; the events that happen too fast or too slow for us to perceive. Will be in Norwich, Vermont, this summer.

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