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2014 Top Chiropractors

2014 Top Chiropractors
Photo by © jurilogos - fotolia.com

An overall interest in wellness and holistic health has led millions of people to chiropractic care, but just how does it work?

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that relies on the body’s innate ability to heal itself, a non-invasive approach that does not use drugs or surgery.

Like other health care providers, doctors of chiropractic follow a standard routine to gather information about the patient (physical exam, case history, and possible x-rays). Unlike other health care providers, though, they also carefully examine the patient’s structure and pay attention to the function of the musculoskeletal system—mainly the spine or vertebral column—and its relationship to the nervous system. The spine is particularly important, as nerves link the spine with all parts of the body, including the internal organs. A subluxation, or misalignment, is a “kink” in the wiring of the nervous system. The theory is that this kink can have a chain effect, impacting other parts of the body.

Chiropractors are trained professionals that receive the highest level degree in chiropractic study, Doctor of Chiropractic. They don’t just help individuals alleviate pain (headaches, joint pain, neck pain, lower-back pain, and sciatica), they can also treat osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains and strains, and a variety of conditions for patients of all ages. Their goal is to diagnose the root cause of the pain or dysfunction and address it at the source. Their treatment emphasizes safe, gentle, and precise manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine, therapeutic exercises, massage therapy, and nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle education and counseling.

Chiropractors can also play a major role in preventative care. Wellness visits on a regular basis are shown to help improve athletic performance, and have the potential to enhance the immune system and curb high blood pressure. About 22 million Americans visit chiropractors annually.

Minnesota Pain Relief & Wellness Institute

Minnesota Pain Relief Wellness Institute

Tom Gegax, founder of Tires Plus, 65, has been utilizing chiropractic care for over 40 years. He bounced from chiropractor to chiropractor until he met Dr. Jason Wilson of Minnesota Pain Relief and Wellness Institute in Roseville. After one visit, he knew he found his “lifetime doctor.”

“Dr. Wilson is thorough, caring and amazingly effective,” Tom says. “He is why I am able to play full court basketball and competitive singles tennis, at age 65, and more importantly – why I can be active with my grandchildren.”

All three doctors on staff, Dr. Wilson, named a 2014 “Top Chiropractor,” Dr. Jennifer Keesey, and Dr. Bryan Sullivan, make it a point to become familiar with patients so they can personalize treatment plans.

And while hardly anyone will dispute the obvious benefits of feeling better, they don’t just get fixated on trouble spots. They ask about their patients’ lives, “It’s vital to treat a patient where they live,” says Dr. Wilson. “The average patient can reduce their care by almost half if they combine the right adjusting technique with a few meaningful lifestyle changes.”

A very real concern of first-time patients is that the adjustment will hurt. “This is a rational fear, especially if that person is already in a great deal of pain,” says Dr. Wilson, who has been in practice for 18 years. He reassures that every precaution is taken to administer “safe, gentle, and pain-free adjustments.”

Most patients see such positive results so quickly, that they wish they had discovered Minnesota Pain Relief and Wellness much, much sooner.

In addition to conventional adjustments, Minnesota Pain Relief and Wellness Institute is the home to an innovative proprietary technique, ALSS. This technique utilizes a combination of muscle strength testing, stretching, manual therapy, and adjustments that “instantly improve the nerve signal and coordinate body function.”

According to Dr. Wilson, only a handful of all chiropractic offices offer anything similar, due to the specialized training necessary to perform this technique and the fact that some extra time is spent to make sure each visit is specific for the individual patient.

Dr. Wilson and the chiropractic staff a Minnesota Pain Relief and Wellness Institute seek to understand their patient’s complete health picture, then surpass their expectations with fast pain relief, caring service, and dedication to lasting improvements in function and health.

mnpainrelief.com • 651-288-3098

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities

Advanced Medical

Dr. Krystle Lieberman Wall grew up in a chiropractic home. Her dad was also her doctor. Not only did he go to her games, like any good dad would do, he’s the one she went to when she wasn’t feeling well, had a sports injury, or needed an adjustment.

It was through his influence—and a genuine interest in the “whole person” approach in chiropractic care—that she followed in his footsteps and became a chiropractor.

Today, this father-daughter team, both named 2014 “Top Chiropractors” by their peers, practice at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, located in Golden Valley.

“We are family-owned and operated,” says Dr. Arlen Lieberman, founder and director of the clinic. “And you will feel like family when you come in.”

Advanced Medical was one of the first clinics in the state to integrate a medical doctor into their facility, back in 1998. The staff includes medical director Dr. Wook Kim (focusing on family practice and physical medicine), certified sports practitioner Dr. Jason Fenske, Dr. Krystle Lieberman Wall, a chiropractor, licensed/registered dietitian and certified acupuncturist focusing on nutrition, children, womens’ health and sports injuries, and Dr. Arlen Lieberman, a chiropractic orthopedic specialist, addressing both acute health problems including sports, occupational, and auto injuries, and chronic conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia. “Combining these specialties, you can be sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your health and the health of your family,” says Dr. Arlen Lieberman, who has practiced comprehensive chiropractic care since 1981.

A thorough examination and evaluation ensures that appropriate care and treatments are given. Questions are asked to figure out why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain. (Many seemingly unrelated symptoms arise from imbalances in the spinal column.) The doctors work hard to determine the root of the problem and create personalized chiropractic and wellness plans, a mix of gentle and corrective techniques, nutritional therapies, stress management, customized exercise programs, massage therapy, and acupuncture.“We look at how your body is functioning and what we can do to get it to 100 percent,” says Dr. Krystle Lieberman Wall. “We don’t just want you to not be sick, we want you to be healthy!”

In the wise words of writer Thomas Carlyle, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”

advancedmedicaltc.com • 763-541-1280

Greenberg Chiropractic Care

Greenberg Chiro Clinic

Greenberg Chiropractic Care, LLC is located in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center in St. Louis Park. Dr. Tina Greenberg is credentialed with the National and State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, is a Minnesota licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, and is certified in acupuncture. Her office takes pride in providing a high level of ethics and compassion. Patients fill out a confidential health history, followed by a consultation and comprehensive spinal evaluation. If imaging is required, she interfaces with an outside medical radiology department. Dr. Greenberg determines a diagnosis and only accepts patients she feels she can help. She specializes in chronic and difficult cases, including motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries, and family care. Dr. Greenberg has been practicing chiropractic in Minneapolis for over 30 years. She is insightful and thorough in her complementary, holistic, and integrative approach to natural healthcare. She utilizes an array of modern light force techniques and gentle manual manipulation. Her office also provides the convenience of same day appointments.

greenbergchiro.com • 952-920-9247

Institute for Orthopedics & Chiropractic

Institute for Orthopedics and Chiropractic

The staff at the Institute for Orthopedics & Chiropractic, with locations in Edina, St. Paul, and an additional office in Uptown opening soon, uses a unique approach in providing care for non-surgical orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities.

Dr. Richard Hills, clinic owner, explains that his multi-specialty approach is different in that it draws on his sports medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractic training and experience. This has lead to the development of unique techniques and protocols that have helped many people without the need for surgery or other invasive treatments. Named a 2014 “Top Chiropractor,” Dr. Hills and his team evaluate and treat patients—depending on their specific needs—through a combination of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic, individualized exercise instruction, rehabilitation, and massage therapy, an effective balance of holistic treatment and sound medical knowledge.

Dr. Hills also treats collegiate and elite athletes, lectures nationally and internationally, and has been involved in research as well as publishing regarding the examination, treatment, and rehabilitation of spinal and extremity disorders.

iocpllc.com • Edina 952-941-3311 • St. Paul 651-340-3959

Warner Chiropractic Clinic

Warner Chiropractic Clinic

There’s a 1903-era quote that rings true for Dr. Leanne Warner of Warner Chiropractic Clinic in northeast Minneapolis: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

The author? Thomas Edison.

Rather than treating symptoms like medical doctors, chiropractors including Dr. Warner, in practice now for 27 years, are doing just what Edison predicted: Taking a holistic approach to identifying and correcting the cause of their patients’ health issues and the relationship between the spine and the central nervous system. Dr. Warner’s patients (“the greatest in the world,” she says), benefit from a crème-de-la-crème staff, effective therapy modalities, and an experienced chiropractor who is completely invested in helping people live longer—and better—than ever before.

“If your nerve impulses flow smoothly, as nature intended, you will experience true health,” she says. “And when you have that, absolutely everything is better.”

Edison would be proud.

warnerchiropracticclinic.com • 612-789-1010

Parkview Chiropractic Clinic

Parkview Chiropractic clinic

Dr. William Kriva, clinic director of Parkview Chiropractic Clinic in Oakdale, doesn’t believe in just alleviating symptoms for his patients and sending them on their way. (Although his clinic is highly effective at eliminating the cause of pain.) He feels it’s important to understand where the pain is coming from and why, to prevent recurrent problems down the road. Education is key.

Dr. Kriva knows what it’s like to live with pain. He suffered with sciatica for seven long years before chiropractic care “gave me my life back,” he states.

His chiropractic experience was so life-changing, he decided—with the support of his family—to leave a successful career as an engineer and become a chiropractor. Today, 17 years later, he is more enthusiastic than ever about the cutting-edge treatments and benefits of corrective chiropractic care.

“My passion is to educate people so they can make good informed decisions about their health,” he says. “Chiropractic changed my life. I want to help others make positive changes in their lives, too.”

parkviewchiro.com • 651-578-8588

Groveland Chiropractic 

Groveland Chiro

Dr. Marcia L. Roeder of Groveland Chiropractic in St. Paul enjoys teaching patients good body mechanics and self-care.

“My teaching experience comes in handy in the treatment room,” she says. “I often refer to my skeleton or anatomy books to explain symptoms and what I’m doing.”

In addition to her chiropractic degree she also studied massage and craniosacral therapies and is licensed in acupuncture. She uses targeted soft tissue work to enhance her chiropractic adjustments. These hands on modalities complement one another, resulting in faster healing, better function and improved well-being.

Individuals of all ages seek her care for pain including headaches, joint pain, neck and back pain, sciatica, sprains and strains as well as issues of pregnancy and a variety of other conditions. At the core of her work is patient education in function and biomechanics.

West End Chiropractic & Wellness 

West End chiropractic

As medical professionals specially trained and licensed to treat the neuromusculoskeletal system, it makes sense that many chiropractors, such as Dr. Andrew Schwert of West End Chiropractic and Wellness in St. Louis Park, also specialize in sports. Dr. Schwert, named a “Top Chiropractor” by his peers, is a leader in golf swing biomechanics, helping golfers take their game to the next level.

When he’s not working with golfers, Dr. Schwert and fellow chiropractors Dr. John Wertish, and Dr. Dana Bowles utilize a team approach to diagnosis and treatment, developing customized plans for patients—ranging from traditional hands-on adjustments to techniques including electrical acupuncture and chiropractic biophysics.

Their advanced approach goes beyond pain management to addressing the underlying health issue(s) and maximizing the body’s ability to heal itself.

According to Dr. Schwert, “We’re committed to finding the cause of your symptoms and helping you lead a healthier way of life, so that you can live for what you love to do.”

westendchiromn.com • 952-500-8477

Active Health Chiropractic 

Active Health Chiropractic

As an athlete herself,Dr. Danielle Trego Finden, owner of Active Health Chiropractic in St. Paul, understands the dedication and passion athletes have for their sports, and is committed to getting them back on track, without pain interfering with their lives.

Selected as a “Top Chiropractor,” Dr. Finden not only specializes in treating athletic injuries of all levels from recreational sports to high level competition, but also utilizes techniques gentle enough for pregnant women and infants. Also certified in acupuncture and Active Release Technique, Dr. Finden customizes her treatments for each patient. She is an expert in her field with a book in the works to be published this fall addressing chiropractic technique from the female doctor’s perspective. Described by patients as “kind, thorough, and knowledgeable,” she listens and educates her patients on what their specific concern is and addresses questions in a manner that makes it easy to understand.

“I love my job,” she says. “I get to help people live pain-free, making a huge impact on their quality of life and ability to achieve their goals.”

Activehealthmn.com • 952-201-3420

Back in Balance Chiropractic Clinic

Back in Balance

In recent years, sports chiropractors have become the first line of defense for athletes ranging from weekend warriors to elite level Olympians and professional athletes who want to prevent injuries or rehabilitate old injuries and achieve peak performance.

Dr. Scott Mooring, owner and director of clinical services at Back in Balance Chiropractic Clinic in West St. Paul, along with his associate Dr. Debby Jerikovsky, help patients improve their quality of life by incorporating the most current and effective evaluation and management techniques available. “As a result, we help patients get better faster for longer,” he says.

Dr. Mooring is a chiropractic sports physician certified in the Active Release Technique® and the Graston Technique® which are advanced, non-invasive soft tissue treatment techniques utilized to help enhance recovery and decrease downtime from injuries.

Named a 2014 “Top Chiropractor,” Dr. Mooring also serves as the president of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA). He has been involved in the community as the sports medicine director for events across the region, including the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, the CrossFit North Central Regionals, and recently the CrossFit Freeze Fest.

BackinBalanceMN.com • 651-455-5264

Chiropractors of St. Anthony/Northeast

Chiropractors of St Anthony Northeast

Now is an exciting time to be a chiropractor, says Dr. Scott Salita, clinic director of Chiropractors of St. Anthony / Northeast. Statistics show that more patients are looking to natural, holistic care as an alternative to high prescription drugs and surgery costs. “With the changing landscape of healthcare, more people will have access to chiropractic care,” he explains. “More people are drawn to chiropractic due to the approach to wellness and prevention.” Dr. Salita prides himself on friendly, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Named a 2014 “Top Chiropractor” in Minnesota Monthly magazine, Dr. Salita’s practice includes spinal manipulation, acupuncture, mechanical traction, ultrasound, and massage therapy. Patients describe him as intelligent, empathetic, friendly, competent, and well-respected. “I’m honored to receive the recognition and honored my peers selected me as a ‘Top Chiropractor,’” he states.

His track record speaks for itself. He has treated, among his patients, University of Minnesota athletes, semi-professional football players, professional musicians, and national performers including Blue Man Group.™

stanthonychiro.com • 612-781-1725

BodyMind Chiropractic Center

Body Mind Chiro

The human brain processes168 trillion bits of information every second, with most of that brain input coming from the joints of the body. “Proper function and alignment of the joints and the spine are critical to optimal health,” says Dr. Candace Salmi of BodyMind Chiropractic Center in St. Paul.

Physical symptoms can be the result of a dysfunction in that brain-body connection.

Dr. Salmi seeks to understand and correct the dysfunction by removing the interference causing the dysfunction within the nervous system, so that the body is allowed to heal and function at its best.

“Rather than simply adjusting the spine, I assess the body as a whole to understand if there are underlying metabolic, hormonal, or nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to the dysfunction,” explains the dedicated chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist.

In addition to treating back and neck pain, she treats conditions including endometriosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders, and gallbladder disease (among others), in an effort to get the body back to total wellness as a fully functioning machine.

getwellstpaul.com • 651-293-1497

Floro Chiropractic

Floro Chiropractic

On any given day, Dr. Olinda Floro, chiropractor/owner of Floro Chiropractic, is seeing patients in her Eden Prairie clinic for sports and work related injuries, whiplash, back and joint pain, migraines, numbness, fatigue, sciatica, disc problems, hormonal or digestive issues, fibromyalgia, or TMJ. Her warm personality and genuine desire to help others is matched only by her dedication to do what it takes to achieve results.“I have experience in a broad base of technologies and a range of tools to tackle pain and health conditions,” explains Dr. Floro.

With 32 years of experience, this well-educated and compassionate doctor—selected as a “Top Chiropractor” by her peers—begins each exam by addressing structural issues with modern chiropractic techniques, gentle muscle therapy, or other modalities. However, if the issue proves to be more complex, she delves deeper and looks into food/environmental sensitivities and neuro-emotional or nutritional components. She is intuitive in her work and how she approaches patient care.

“Patients often comment on how thorough the exam and treatments are, and are surprised they no longer have to live with a particular problem, such as chronic knee or back pain, hives from food allergies, or headaches or fatigue” she comments. For many patients, the treatments are life-changing. “You don’t have to be alone in figuring out a better plan to enjoy a pain free life and improved health,” she says. “Together, we’ll help you take control of your health.”

florochiropractic.com • 952-934-7582

Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Determined. Dedicated. Humbled. Grateful. Fun. Focused. Happy. The same adjectives used to describe avid runners could also be used to describe Dr. Kevin Schreifels, owner of Lyn Lake Chiropractic in Uptown Minneapolis, selected as a 2014 “Top Chiropractor” by his peers.

Dr. Schreifels, a marathon runner, prides his clinic on being “for runners, by runners.” There’s a reason, after all, that they’re the Official Chiropractor of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

Along with fellow chiropractors Dr. Steve Eckstein and Dr. Ryan Jones, Dr. Schreifels helps runners lace up and hit the road (or track, or treadmill) by offering everything from hands-on to high-tech treatments for common running injuries, and have special training in the innovative Graston technique and state-of-the-art Active Release Technique (ART).

Besides effective chiropractor care and a “we’re-all-in-this-together” philosophy (when necessary, Dr. Schreifels will refer patients to other medical providers, and other providers refer patients to him), patients like the upbeat atmosphere, same-day appointments, surprisingly short wait times, and 24-hour answering service. Whether they’re runners or people who have been inhibited by neck pain, back pain, or whiplash, patients keep coming back because they love how strong, healthy, and free they feel after a visit—just like finishing a long run.

lynlakechiropractic.com • 612-879-8000

Real Health Chiropractic Clinic

Real Health Chiro

It says a lot about a trained health professional when patients will travel from other states for their services.

Patients come from as far away as Oklahoma to see Dr. ShaRhae Matousek of Real Health Chiropractic Clinic in Eden Prairie. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to chiropractic care. Maybe it’s because she offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Or maybe it’s because she is accessible and truly cares about the expectant mothers, infants, athletes, adults, and aging population who make appointments to see her.

“I have an advanced degree in pediatrics and obstetrics,” she says. “And as a former athlete, I know the ins and outs of athletic excellence and injury.”

No matter the reason, her patients love the fact that she listens, understands expectations, and is passionate about helping them heal.

In addition to being selected as a “Top Chiropractor,” she has a 99.5 percent approval rating from her patients, including a five-star Healthgrades rating and an “A” rating on Angie’s List.

realhealthclinic.com • 952-224-0607


Top Chiropractors 2014

Professional Research Services contacted each licensed and active chiropractor within the state of Minnesota and asked each chiropractor in a nationwide online survey which chiropractors they would recommend, other than themselves, across Minnesota. Once the ballots were complete, each nominee was carefully screened and evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license, and their current standing with the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Inclusion in the listings cannot be purchased. It is solely the result of PRS’s research. Chiropractors who received the highest number of votes in chiropractic medicine are reflected in the Top Chiropractor list.


Maria E. Aagesen-reznecheck, dc

Aagesen Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-920-1092

James J. Abeler II, dc

Abeler Chiropractic

Anoka | 763-421-3722

Rebecca L. Adamek-Peckels, dc

Lake Pointe Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-922-8100

Paula A. Allenburg, dc

Avenues of Health

Minneapolis | 612-872-9133

Matthew J. Amundgaard, dc

Nokomis Chiropractic & Wellness

Minneapolis | 612-822-0149

James M. Anderson, dc

City Lakes Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-722-2147

Jeffrey P. Anderson, dc

Edina Chiropractic Health Center

Edina | 952-943-1170

Matthew J. Anderson, dc

Normandale Chiropractic

Bloomington | 952-881-5703

Scott M. Anderson, dc

Anderson Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-823-7881

Tami R. Andrews, dc

Medical Arts Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-767-4424

Stephen P. Arne, dc

Arne Wellness Center

Minnetonka | 952-697-3100

Brian D. Arne, dc

Arne Wellness Center

Minnetonka | 952-697-3100

Jonathan L. Arnold, dc

Arnold Chiropractic

St. Louis Park | 612-799-7982

Nolan B. Atchison, dc

Nolan B. Atchison, D.C.

Chaska | 701-400-8044

Morgan J. Baker, dc

Baker Chiropractic

Eagan | 612-990-9105

Jodi E. Bakkegard, dc

Life In Light Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-929-2168

Larry S. Balsimo, dc

Larry S. Balsimo, D.C.

White Bear Lake

Steven R. Beck, dc


Eden Prairie | 952-937-1226

Greg B. Belting, dc

Silver View Chiropractic Center

Mounds View | 763-786-5581

Carson A. Benjamin, dc

Benjamin Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-782-0173

Robert W. Bergan, dc

Robert W. Bergan, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-871-0700

Rodney A. Beseman II, dc

Beseman Chiropractic Center

St. Paul | 651-776-3345

Barry W. Bicanich, dc

Prospect Park Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-331-4529

Angela M. Blomberg, dc

HealthWise Family Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-789-1700

Rebecca K. Bracht, dc

Bracht Chiropractic

Forest Lake | 651-464-3643

Ryan J. Brandt, dc

Coon Rapids Chiropractic

Coon Rapids | 763-755-4300

Jeffrey G. Brist, dc

Brist Chiropractic & Naturopathic Wellness Center

Champlin | 763-546-9151

Douglas S. Broman, dc

Broman Chiropractic &
Wellness Center

Maple Grove | 763-420-8595

Rodd B. Bruntjen, dc

Mighty Oak Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-646-2233

Andrea M. Burckhard, dc


Minneapolis | 612-313-0000

Nathan M. Burdash, dc

ProActive Healthcare

St. Paul | 651-778-0080

Nikole M. Carlson, dc

Chiropractic in Motion

Bloomington | 952-842-8105

Dustin P. Carlson, dc

The Carlson Clinic

White Bear Lake | 651-762-8040

Hai T. Chau, dc

Hai T. Chau, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-870-2545

Jay Y. Cherner, dc

ChiroMed Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-922-4649

Susan L. Clarke, dc

Healing Circle

St. Paul | 651-227-8776

Dianne L. Como, dc

Back In Shape Chiropractic

Golden Valley | 763-595-9096

Sheri G. Cook, dc

Southside Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-827-0657

Craig A. Couillard, dc

Lake Marion Chiropractic Center

Lakeville | 952-469-8385

Andrew R. Coulson, dc

Maple Grove Chiropractic

Maple Grove | 763-494-0828

Greg J. Dahl, dc

Greg J. Dahl, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-823-1702

Michael J. Deckert, dc

Better Health Chiropractic

Eagan | 651-452-7018

Gregory S. DeNunzio, dc

Farmington Chiro & Rehab

Farmington | 651-274-3638

Susan E. Dickey, dc

Susan E. Dickey, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-824-4163

Paul D. Dingman, dc

Northeast Chiropractic Clinic

Columbia Heights | 763-788-9101

Linda J. Dobberstein, dc

Head to Toe Chiropractic Clinic Bloomington | 612-616-5452

Terence L. Drassal, dc

Drassal Chiropractic & Sports

Shoreview | 651-484-4000

Jack L. Duncan, dc

Duncan Chiropractic Center

Forest Lake | 651-464-4199

Wayne M. Eck, dc

Heights Chiropractic Clinic

Columbia Heights | 763-788-0515

Steven J. Eckstein, dc

Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-879-8000


Brian S. Elijah, dc

Chiropractic Advantage

Bloomington | 952-884-3700

Richard J. Endris, dc

Endris Chiropractic Clinic

West St Paul | 651-451-2229

Richard S. Fairrow, dc

Fairrow Chiropractic, PA

St. Paul | 651-714-4848

Timothy P. Fargo, dc

Chiropractic Health & Wellness

Edina | 952-835-6750

Kristin M. Fellows, dc

Cornerstone Family Chiropractic

Eagan | 651-209-9710

Danielle T. Finden, dc

Active Health Chiropractic

St. Paul | 952-201-3420


Tiffani J. Flaws, dc

Tiffani J. Flaws, D.C.

Ramsey | 612-747-8477

Olinda Floro, dc

Floro Chiropractic

Eden Prairie | 952-934-7582


Julie C. Foote, dc

South St. Paul Family Chiropractic

South St. Paul | 651-450-2366

Una Y. Forde, dc

Golden Sun Chiropractic

Wellness Center

St. Louis Park | 952-922-1478

Gregory C. Fors, dc

Pain & Brain Healing Center

Blaine | 763-862-7100

Brenda K. Fortin, dc

Fortin Chiropractic Health &

Wellness Clinic, P.A.

Hamel | 763-478-3978

Peggy Frank, dc

Center For Well Being

Edina | 952-885-0822

Richard C. Froehle, dc

LifeClinic Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-698-5000

Christopher R. Frykman, dc

Transforming Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 952-224-2909

Martin P. Furlong, dc

MetroEast Wellness Center

St. Paul | 651-771-1703

David R. Geary, dc

Valley Chiropractic Associates

Burnsville | 952-882-1965

Jason P. Gerard, dc

Lakewoods Chiropractic

Forest Lake | 651-464-0800

Carrie J. Getzmier, dc

Lake Pointe Chiropractic & Wellness

Minneapolis | 612 922 8100

Lori K. Goodsell, dc

Active Family Chiropractic

Plymouth | 763-553-0387

Tina S. Greenberg, dc

Greenberg Chiropractic Care, LLC

St. Louis Park | 952-920-9247


William C. Gustafson, dc

William C. Gustafson, D.C.

Coon Rapids | 763-717-9510

Timothy W. Guthman, dc

Inver Family Chiropractic

Inner Grove Heights | 651-451-3311

Pamela L. Hadler, dc

Betts Family Chiropractic

Farmington | 651-460-6560

Steven H. Hagstrom, dc

Mahtomedi Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 651-426-2210

Eric J. Hahn , dc

Oasis Chiropractic

Cottage Grove | 651-458-5565

Scott E. Halida, dc

Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Roseville | 651-646-2050

Danial A. Hall, dc

Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic

Stillwater | 651-430-1515

Rashid A. Hassen, dc

Access Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-879-9388

Gregg C. Hebeisen, dc

Advanced Health, P.A.

Fridley | 763-571-9499

Lisa F. Hellerud, dc

Valley Chiropractic &

Wellness Center

Woodbury | 651-730-7302

Lee Ann A. Herfort, dc

Southside Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-827-0657

Eric J. Hering, dc

Hering Chiropractic

New Brighton | 651-287-3035

Richard A. Hills, pt, dc

Institute For Orthopedics &

Chiropractic, PLLC

Edina | 952-941-3311


John G. Hilpisch, dc

Hipisch Upper Cervical Health Center

Lake Elmo | 651-748-5731

Valorie D. Hoffmann, dc

Crosstown Clinic of Chiropractic

Ham Lake | 763-434-5714

Amy L. Horton, dc

Bloomington Natural Care Center

Bloomington | 952-888-4777

Gary N. Hulin, dc

Dr. Gary Hulin

Lakeville | 952-469-4622

Laura J. Hulsebus, dc

Hulsebus Chiropractic

St. Peter | 507-934-2400

Jeffrey R. Hyack, dc

Innate & Hyack Family

Chiropractic LLC

Bloomington | 952-854-0057

John J. Hynan, dc

Hynan Chiropractic Clinic, PA

St. Paul | 651-222-7331

Stephen A. Irestone, dc

Health Resources Chiropractic
& Naturopathic

Burnsville | 952-895-7270

Deborah E. Jerikovsky, dc

Back in Balance Chiropractic Clinic

West St. Paul | 651-455-5264


Dorothea D. Johansen, dc

Dorothea D. Johansen, D.C.

St. Paul | 651-647-1733

Michael S. Johnson, dc

Cathedral Hill Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-735-1088

Christopher A. Johnson, dc

Holtz Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-228-1156

Kerry L. Johnson, dc

Johnson Spinal Care
Associates, PA

Apple Valley | 952-432-3333

Mark A. Johnson, dc

Metrocenter Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-332-8292

Stephen O. Johnson, dc

Johnson Chiropractic
Wellness Center

Plymouth | 763-544-2001

Virginia R. Kampmeier, dc

Langford & Karls Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 651-699-8610

Heather A. Karls, dc

Langford & Karls Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 651-699-8610

Michael J. Kennedy, dc

Chanhassen Wellness

Chanhassen | 952-607-6416

Susan M. Kent, dc

Kent Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 651-696-9110

Dennis M. Koslowski, dc

Koslowski Chiropractic Inc, PC

Minneapolis | 612-379-4043

Jedidiah F. Krauss, dc

Tree of Life Chiropractic

Golden Valley | 952-345-8244

James D. Kreibich, dc

Woodbury Chiropractic &
Wellness Center

Woodbury | 651-702-6900

William A. Kriva, dc

Parkview Chiropractic Clinic

Oakdale | 651-578-8588


Richelle M. Krueger-
Peterson, dc

North St. Paul Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-770-3805

Michael R. Lamppa, dc

Active Life Chiropractic

Bloomington | 952-888-6000

Anne C. Langford, dc

Langford & Karls Chiropractic Clinic

St Paul | 651-699-8610

James A. Laskow, dc

Laskow Chiropractic Clinic, PA

Forest Lake | 651-464-3030

Gary C. Lawrence, dc

Stillwater Natural Health Care

Stillwater | 651-439-6285

John F. Lawrence, dc

Northtown Chiropractic Office

Blaine | 763-780-3020

David R. Lee , dc

Achieve Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Champlin | 763-323-3456

Paul W. Lemke, dc

Lemke Chiropractic

Prior Lake | 952-440-2225

Dennis J. Lenselink, dc

AdvaCare Chiropractic Clinic

Bloomington | 952-835-6653

Alan G. Levitt, dc

Levitt Chiropractic Center

St. Louis Park | 952-920-7535

David J. Lewis, dc

Forest Lake Chiropractic Clinic, PA

Forest Lake | 651-464-2133

Arlen J.  Lieberman, dc, dabco

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities

Golden Valley | 763-541-1280


Krystle E. Lieberman wall, dc

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities

Golden Valley | 736-541-1280


Marjorie L. Lokich, dc

Riverside Holistic Health

Minneapolis | 612-338-4282

Andrew D. Lonnquist, dc

Andrew D. Lonnquist, D.C.

Wayzata | 952-475-1044

William G. Loomis, dc

Loomis Chiropractic, P.A.

St. Louis Park | 952-920-7535

Robert C. Lubovich, dc

Lubovich Chiropractic

Lakeville | 952-898-4900

Robert D. Lukin, dc

Better Health Chiropractic Eagan | 651-452-7018

Gerald A. Madir, dc

Amsden Way Chiropractic

Bloomington | 952-942-5170

Molly J. Magnani, dc

Allina Health

Edina | 952-835-1311

Brian C. Malzer, dc

Lauderdale Wellness Center Lauderdale | 651-917-9800

John D. Marlow, dc

Southwest Back & Neck Clinic

Richfield | 612-861-2752

ShaRhae A. Matousek, dc

Real Health Chiropractic Clinic

Eden Prairie | 952-224-0607


Janell L. Matz, dc

O’Keefe Matz Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 651-292-8072

Richard L. Mayfield, dc

Center For Well Being

Edina | 952-885-0822

Eric Mayfield, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-874-0705

Stacy J. Meshbesher, dc

Meshbesher Chiropractic Center

Minneapolis | 612-823-5456

Harlan F. Mittag, dc

Mittag Holistic Chiropractic

St. Louis Park | 952-345-8245

Steven D. Moe, dc

Dr. Steven Moe

Eden Prairie | 952-833-3038

Mitchel V. Mondo, dc

Total Health Solutions

White Bear Lake | 651-429-0101

Scott A. Mooring, dc, ccsp

Back In Balance Chiropractic Clinic

West St. Paul | 651-455-5264


Amber S. Moravec, dc

Naturally Aligned Family

St. Paul | 651-210-5261

Kori C. Mortenson, dc

Dr. Kori Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-721-8926

Jennifer L. Naas, dc

Naas Chiropractic Clinic

Edina | 952-830-0153

James F. Napoli, dc

Napoli Chiropractic Center

Coon Rapids | 763-427-2400

Marcie J. New, dc

Marcie New & Associates

Richfield | 612-866-3083

Michael B. Nokken, dc

Michael B. Nokken, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-872-9060

Kenneth W. Odegaard ii, dc

Old St. Anthony Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-379-2344

Nick C. Okins, dc

Oxboro Family Chiropractic

Bloomington | 952-948-9225

Kaye B. Otter, dc

Kaye B. Otter, D.C.

Minneapolis | 952-681-2706

Anne M. Packard-Spicer, dc

Bloomington Natural Care Center

Bloomington | 952-885-5444

Mark R. Pappenfus, dc

Pappenfus Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-699-4169

Mark W. Parker, dc

Parker Chiropractic Clinic

Cottage Grove | 651-458-3403

David R. Patterson, dc

50th & France Chiropractic

& Wellness

Edina | 952-920-4528

Ty E. Paulick, dc

Ty E. Paulick, D.C.

White Bear Lake | 651-762-5433

Bruce E. Pearson, dc

Natural Chiropractic Center

Plymouth | 763-476-4770

Scot A. Pearson, dc

Pearson Chiropractic Clinic

Edina | 952-835-4772

Chad R. Peckels, dc

Lake Pointe Chiropractic
& Wellness

Minneapolis | 612-922-8100

Carron L. Perry, dc

Moua-Lor Chiropractic &


St. Paul | 651-224-9400

Daniel S. Peterson, dc

North St. Paul Chiropractic

North St. Paul | 651-770-3805

David D. Peterson, dc

North St. Paul Chiropractic

North St. Paul | 651-770-3805

Gregg M. Poquette, dc

Helping Hands Chiropractic

Eagan | 651-452-3900

Lori L. Pottebaum, dc

Art District Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-741-2736

Sharon W. Prahl, dc

Network Chiropractic Center

Edina | 952-835-5523

Richard J. Printon, dc

Richard Printon, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-873-6300

Marina L. Proudfoot, dc

Bend In The River Chiropractic

Coon Rapids | 612-819-8304

Kevin M. Quaas, dc

Quaas Chiropractic Center

White Bear Lake | 651-426-5459

Rick J. Reidt, dc

St. Croix Chiropractic Group

Oakdale | 651-735-1580

Chad D. Renwick, dc

Burnsville Family Chiropractic

Burnsville | 952-891-1955

Eric J. Rice, dc

HealthPro Chiropractic, Inc.

Farmington | 651-463-8222

Alan G. Riesgraf, dc

Riesgraf Chiropractic

Chaska | 952-448-3900

Gina A. Rivas-Castro, dc

Premier Health Chiropractic

South St. Paul | 651-455-5463

Brent J. Robinson, dc

Brent J. Robinson, D.C.

Roseville | 651-779-5998

Marcia L. Roeder, dc

Groveland Chiropractic

St. Paul | 651-698-2516


Dean A. Roll, dc

Dean A. Roll, D.C.

Golden Valley | 763-542-1141

Jason R. Ross, dc

Calhoun Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-822-5973

Rochelle L. Rougier-Maas , dc

Allina Health

Edina | 952-835-1311

Lindsay R. Rozmarin, dc

Rozmarin Family Chiropractic, P.A.

Lakeville | 952-898-4446

Patrick J. Rukavina, dc

Hmo Chiropractic Service

St. Paul | 651-641-6247

Mary E. Rutherford, dc

Crescenterra Health Center, P.A.

St. Paul | 651-917-3990

Josh A. Rutzick, dc

Drake Chiropractic, P.A.

St. Paul | 651-287-0935

Allen K. Rydberg, dc

Robert Street Chiropractic

West St Paul | 651-451-6839


Scott D. Salita, dc

Chiropractors of St. Anthony/Northeast

Minneapolis | 612-781-1725


Candace L. Salmi, dc

BodyMind Chiropractic Center

St. Paul | 651-293-1497


Alyssa J. Saterdalen, dc

Family Tree Chiropractic Clinic

St. Louis Park | 952-697-4044

Thomas F. Schlavin jr., dc

Schlavin Family Chiropractic

Centerville | 651-653-6699

Brian A. Schmitz, dc

Rum River Chiropractic

Ramsey | 763-422-1525

Kevin J. Schreifels, dc

Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-879-8000


Andrew W. Schwert, dc

West End Chiropractic & Wellness

St. Louis Park | 952-500-8477


Shannon J. Score, dc

Life Wellness Center

Lakeville | 952-435-5300

Tim A. Sebenaler, dc

Sebenaler Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Chaska | 952-448-9908

Reese R. Shanahan, dc

Plymouth Spine and Health Center

Plymouth | 763-432-2736

Kelly J. Sheehan, dc

Family Health Trust Chiropractic Center

Minnetonka | 952-933-4427

Robert C. Shepherd, dc

Avenues of Health

Minneapolis | 612-872-9133

Michael B. Shinder, dc

Four Seasons Chiropractic

Plymouth | 763-557-9032

Mari A. Sikorski, dc

Sikorski Clinic of Chiropractic

Eden Prairie | 952-937-1188

Cindy M. Silbernagel, dc

Cindy M. Silbernagel & Associates

Apple Valley | 952-431-5330

Brian J. Smith, dc

A.B.L.E. Chiropractic, P.A.

Apple Valley | 952-953-9898

Anthony T. Spurrill, dc

Synapse Center for Health & Healing

Eagan | 651-209-9906

Gordon A. Staff, dc

Schroeder Chiropractic

St. Louis Park | 952-542-3908

Kay D. Steffenson, dc

Downtown Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-332-1450

Josh C. Stephens, dc

HealthSource of Minneapolis Downtown

Minneapolis | 612-333-9144

Loren C. Stockton, dc

Health For Living Chiropractic

Burnsville | 952-890-9055

Richard A. Stoffels, dc

Stoffels Chiropractic Office, Ltd.

West St. Paul | 651-457-8646

David E. Stude, dc

Southwest Chiropractic LLC

Eden Prairie | 952-943-1188

David L. Stussy, dc

Kenwood Chiropractic Arts

Minneapolis | 612-374-3392

Jacob J. Sundberg, dc

Jacob J. Sundberg, D.C.

Maple Grove | 952-993-2259

Kim L. Swineheart, dc

Kim Swineheart, D.C.

Minneapolis | 612-722-3575

Robert L. Thatcher, dc

Health & Wellness Center

Shoreview | 651-484-8448

Christopher W. Tozer, dc

Tozer Chiropractic

Brooklyn Park | 763-493-8449

Sondra L. Traylor, dc

Chiropractic Natural Health Center

Excelsior | 952-474-5289

David E. Truax, dc

Family Chiropractic Center

Farmington | 651-460-6566

Jason O. Wallin, dc

River Parkway Chiropractic

Minneapolis | 612-721-2146

Leanne C. Warner, dc

Warner Chiropractic Clinic

Minneapolis | 612-789-1010


Anne M. Werner, dc

Anne Werner, D.C.

Bloomington | 612-889-1417

David W. Wieden, dc

Bayport Chiropractic Office

Bayport | 651-439-7621

Jason J. Wilson, dc

Minnesota Pain Relief & Wellness Institute

Roseville | 651-288-3098


Jeffrey A. Wock, dc

Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health

Plymouth | 763-550-1205

Douglas D. Yost, dc

Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

Shoreview | 651-484-0151

Eric J. Zeiszler, dc

Zeiszler Chiropractic Clinic

St. Paul | 952-432-0700

Jason E. Zimmerman, dc

Oxboro Family Chiropractic

Bloomington | 952-948-9225

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