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Blog Jam

The lowdown on five local blogs

The best Web log in Minnesota? Depends what you’re looking for (sorry, folks, still no nude pics on weatherdude Sven Sundgaard’s site). Here we dissect the dish-and-tell commentary regularly ladled out on sites covering our fair state—so you can have more time to post your own ramblings.

» mnspeak.com

Overview: The granddaddy of local blogs, fomenting discussion of news big and small. If it isn’t here, it didn’t happen.

Who's posting:
Media types, the G‑mail crowd

“Isn’t saying that other people are unhip actually unhip itself?”

Navelgaze factor:
Ironic navelgazing only.

» overheardinminneapolis.com

Overview: Just like it sounds—eavesdropping made hilariously public.

Who's posting:
You’ll never know.

Guy No. 1: “I was Astrogliding the whole way to work in that torrential downpour.” Guy No. 2: “Don’t you mean hydroplaning?”

Navelgaze factor:
Presumably zero. But you didn’t hear us say it.

» buzz.mn

Overview: The Star Tribune’s “citizen journalism” experiment for wannabe wonks, though it’s self-summarized as “Know. Share. Shop.”

Who's posting:
Strib reporters, the AOL crowd, hardly anyone

“Should the city of Minneapolis ditch its sailboat logo?”

Navelgaze factor:
Do we really need to know what bus the reporters take to work? Some “news” ain’t fit to print.

» minneapolis.metblogs.com

Overview: Shared insights into local life, from the newest outdoor movie festival to why the MOA rocks.

Who's posting: Suburbanites, Wedge shoppers, you

“Southdale reminds me of the days when I was embarrassed to go shopping with my mother.”

Navelgaze factor:
The only navels examined here are fuzzy.

» mnstories.com

Overview: Technically a “vlog,” featuring contributed videos of everything from turkey racing to street boxing.

Who's posting:
Your high school A/V club, only older and cooler

From footage of a cow-milking contest: “You’ll be surprised how much milk one team got in the bucket in just 30 seconds.”

Navelgaze factor:
Occasional confessionals


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