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Twitterview with Stephanie Hansen, @weeklydish

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twitterview with Stephanie Hansen, @weeklydish

Good morning to @weeklydish (Stephanie Hansen) and everyone following #MNMOtv today!

Stephanie: Good morning fellow foodies

To start off with @weeklydish, please share with us where you grew up and went to school?

Stephanie: I went to Blooimngton Jefferson and the U of MN. My training happened on the bar as a dancer at the Heartthrob Cafe in St Paul

ok that sounded bad. I wasnt a stripper but a waitress

I served burgers and shakes and drinks in a poodle skirt with 1980's permed hair that was so big they

they called us Care Bears. That was where the foodie love started.

Good clarification! So lets move forward a bit. Any other work you've done for say publications or marketing companies?

Stephanie: I work now as a talk show host on @weeklydish on @mytalk1071 and I own a printing and direct mail company @printzcom and blog on food.

food blog a @the651 as well as on our show page

Talk more about @printzcom. Starting your own company is a BIG step. What does your company do and how big is it?

Stephanie: @printzcom employs 25 people. We have Postcardbuilder.com, Printz.com, directmailtools.com and ourprinter.com

we have a new brand under development that we will launch in a few weeks. Running your own business is super hard but rewarding

I like being a women owned business. I have two partners and 2 of us are women. The other is my hubby so that can get interesting

I'd imagine so! What do you think of the Twin Cities environment for women business owners?

Stephanie: The TC is very supportive there just are not enough women owned biz as a % of the population. A few good groups to check out are

mnwin.org and nawbo-mn.org are good orgs for women to check out in the TC

Lets move on to your interest in food. You have a blog and a radio program. Are you more of an eater or a baker/cook?

Stephanie: I am an eater first and foremost but I am also a good home cook. I bake and I love to cook but I am not super technical. I am

always in risk of cutting off a thumb cause my knife skills are so bad. I worry about that when we do food demos on @twincities_live

I love to entertain and have big foodie parties at my house with my foodie friends. Its a blast but sometimes people drink too much

I love to serve champagne as an appetizer which can be rough later when you add wine and after dinner drinks. @surdyksliquor sponsors our

@weeklydish show so we get previews of lots of new liquors and wines and whats hot in food

I understand. :) What kinds of places are your places to go to for "Stephanie Comfort Food"? Are you sweets or savory?

Stephanie: I am more sweet than savory. When @stephmarch and I eat together at a dinner I always get the desserts she goes for cheese

Comfort foods would be @ModernCafeMpls for pot roast @BrasaRotisserie for any of their meats or mac and cheese and I still have a soft spot for

@thelexongrand in St Paul and @mancinnis @TwinCityGrill for steak, chicken pot pie and creamed spinach

on the higher end of Comfort food I want to eat @sanctuary and In Season and I am excited to try @ButcherandBoar

To close Stephanie, what does Spring mean for you when it comes to food and entertaining?

Stephanie: Spring is LAMB with rosemary, Asparagus on the grill with lemon aoli, artichokes and delicious spring milk cheeses. OH and...

the barefoot contessas coconut cake which I always make at easter or moms day. That recipe is here

I get so excited about food I make myself hungry! Thank god its lunch!

Thank you so much Stephanie. All the best to you and congrats on your recovery from cancer. You are a fighter!

Stephanie: thanks for having me @JoelECarlson and listen to @weeklydish on Saturday from 1-2pm

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