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Twitterview with Yana Dolokhanova, @FiglioWestEnd

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Twitterview with Yana Dolokhanova, @FiglioWestEnd

Welcome to today's @MNMOmag with the Social Media Marketing Manager of @FiglioWestEnd, Yana Dolokhanova!

Yana: Hi Joel, thanks for having me!

@FiglioWestEnd used to be at #CalhounSquare, and then was recently opened at the @ShopsWestEnd.

Let's learn more about it!

Please explain the story of the Reboot of the restaurant and what the concept of it is?

Yana: Figlio shut down its iconic doors in 2009 and reopened as figlio 2.0 in a fresh location in the ‘burbs!

Although figlio started in Uptown, it’s no longer an Uptown concept.

If you look at Uptown, it consists of a lot of bars and cheaper food.

Diners who grew up with Figlio have traded their Uptown walkups for two-car garages.

Executive Chef J.P. Samuelson is carrying on the Figlio legacy by balancing old classics and new creations.

Staying true to people’s fave signature dishes while introducing new Northern Italian & Mediterranean-inspired flavors

For those that remember the original location, were any items from the former menu brought to the new one?

Yana: Absolutely.

Diners can reminisce and enjoy old faves such as Joe's Eggs, Calamari, Ravioli, Tortellini, and Pizzas

It was important for us to pay respects to the history of the original figlio & our focus was on revival of the former vibe and personality, rather than reinvention.

The #MediterraneanDiet has been growing in popularity. Any #GF or Lo-Cal offerings on the menu?

Yana: For Lo-Cal options, I'd recommend our homemade chicken soup, caprese salad, and chicken skewers.

No current GF options

What have been some of your popular menu options since you opened?

Yana: Grilled chicken wings, cavatappi, roasted butternut squash cappelletti, &

of course plenty of Happy Hour items!

What are some of the popular desserts available?

Yana: Death by chocolate is a huge favorite.

The tiramisu is also a classic favorite.

In addition to good food, what special drinks can people get at the restaurant?

Yana: Diners can expect creative drinks with expert Mixologist Johnny Michaels behind the cocktail menu.

The salty caramel lemon drop, lindsey lohan, & honey crisp appletini.

And let's not forget The Figlio bloody Mary...

there’s still no better way to enjoy a Sunday than with this award-winning Minneapolis cocktail.

What can 2 people expect to pay for a meal on average and what are the hours of operation?

Yana: Depends on the 2 people! If you're thinking app, entree each, and wine you're looking at about $60-$75.

However, for those who are budget conscious, it's not difficult for us to accomodate!

Especially with our Happy Hour specials.

Hours: Monday – Wednesday 11am – 10pm, Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday 11am – Midnight, Sunday 11am – 10pm.

We offer twice a day Happy Hour during the week and an all day $3 Sunday Funday Happy Hour!

Is there event/party space available? Any special events or menu items coming up soon?

Yana: Nobody throws a party better than us, we’ve got a unique private dining room that is fully customizable to the size of your group.

We can accommodate full private events, semi-private if you don’t mind people watching, or you can rent out the whole place if that’s how you roll.

We’re like a reverse mullet; party in the front and business in the back.

As far as events, we have Late Night Trivia every Wednesday, hosted by @triviamafia.

Show off useless knowledge & win cool stuff!

Joel: Thanks for your time and input today Yana. Have a great afternoon!

Yana: It's been a pleasure, thank you!

@MNMOmag readers will want to be sure to check out @rachel_hutton's review of @FiglioWestEnd - http://www.minnesotamonthly.com/media/Minnesota-Monthly/January-2013/Figlio/ …

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