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May 2007


Bar None

Bar None

Sometimes the best seat in the house is a stool

Code Check

Code Check

Genetic testing reveals a wealth of data about you and your family. But when it comes to your DNA, how much information is too much?

Best Doctors for Women 2007

Best Doctors for Women 2007

Your guide to the Twin Cities’ best MDs for female patients—as chosen by their fellow physicians

True Grit

True Grit

Experience the real ways of the west at Knife River Ranch in North Dakota

Bitter Pill

Bitter Pill

What if a drug designed to treat depression actually caused depression? It’s a question that has come to define one Minneapolis woman’s life.

Maestra of Ceremonies

Maestra of Ceremonies

Rising Latina music star Maria Isa mixes hot beats with history

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

When priceless works leave the Walker Art Center to travel to other institutions around the globe, Heather Scanlan accompanies them—to protect and preserve

The Man Behind the Camera

The Man Behind the Camera

Music-video visionary Phil Harder makes the leap from MTV to the silver screen—and takes his eye-catching style with him

King of Comedy

King of Comedy

After 12 Fringe shows and dozens of local plays, Joseph Scrimshaw makes it big with Adventures in Mating


The Arts

Stepping Out: The Arts

Minnesota Monthly's recommendations for cultural diversion in May 2007

Summertime in Wisconsin

Style Guide: Summertime in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is much more than enthusiastic Packer fans, tasty bratwurst, and world-championship cheese curds. Plan your next vacation across the border and see why summer in Wisconsin is the most...

Mother Love

The Look: Mother Love

Aprons are for amateurs. This year, find the perfect present for every mom.

May 2007 Letters to the Editor

Mail-Archived: May 2007 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of Minnesota Monthly

Burn, Baby, Burn

Talk: Burn, Baby, Burn

If Lee Frelich loves the Boundary Waters so much, why does he want to burn it down?

Talk: High School Confidential

Can you match these Minnesota yearbook pictures—and one out-of-stater—to the famous names?

Tangled Up In Stats

Talk: Tangled Up In Stats

Dylan Number Crunch, The Agenda & Valley Art

Minute Critic

Talk: Minute Critic

The Not So Big Life and Captain Yonder

Martin + Osa

Counter Culture: Martin + Osa

An expedition to Martin + Osa at the Mall of America.

Greek Unorthodox

Quick Bite: Greek Unorthodox

Calypso Café fires up south Minneapolis’s next hot restaurant corner

Rock Steady

Quick Bite: Rock Steady

Created by committee, Stone’s pleases crowds but doesn’t carve new territory

Keeper of Cures

Who: Keeper of Cures

From tonics to elixirs, pharmacy historian Bill Soderlund has time in a bottle

Sue Z Says

Sue Z: Sue Z Says

Cinco de Mayo restaurants, new bakeries and rotating chefs

The Checkup

Foreword: The Checkup

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