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May 2011


Best of Summer 2011

Best of Summer 2011

A guide to everything you have to do, eat, and see this summer.

Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy

How do you get to be the state’s most popular politician? It requires legwork, empathy, and a sense of humor, as Senator Amy Klobuchar knows.


Summer Course

Editor's Letter: Summer Course

Here are summer’s highlights and hidden gems.

Deep Love

Ripple Effect: Deep Love

Danielle Sosin has written the first great novel about Lake Superior—and its many ghosts

Top of the Pops

Ripple Effect: Top of the Pops

Sarah Hicks on touring with Sting, microfunding, and her ’80s obsession

Wellness: The Real Detox Diet

It’s not pre-made juices or food-group elimination. It’s eating fresh, local, and, when possible, organic produce

Beauty, on the Rocks

True North: Beauty, on the Rocks

Colorful formations and a sculpted shoreline make Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore a dazzling—if distant—destination for summer travel

May 2011 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: May 2011 Arts Calendar

9 best bets for this month

A Half-Century of Success

Scene: A Half-Century of Success

The St. David’s Center celebrates its golden anniversary with music and merriment

A Most Delicious Weekend

Scene: A Most Delicious Weekend

The Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience showcased the best wine, beer, and food around

Arc Makes Its Mark

Scene: Arc Makes Its Mark

The Arc Gala blends fashion, food, and fun to raise money for charity

MN Moments: Words Fail

Finding a card that's right for mom

Mind Over Matter

Expert: Mind Over Matter

Psychic medium Jodi Livon says that whether you believe it or not, we all have access to our sixth sense.

Petal Power

Finds: Petal Power

Fashion and home décor trends are echoing nature—totally bonkers for blooms.

Peep Show

Muse: Peep Show

Heels are showing up in neutral hues this spring, but they are anything but sedate.

Power Haus

Muse: Power Haus

If you’ve been looking for a high-fashion salon without the highfalutin’ attitude, this is it.

The Hanger Room

Omnivore: The Hanger Room

Chef Leonard Anderson turned a bowling alley into the Hanger Room.

Lobster Paradise

Omnivore: Lobster Paradise

Smack Shack’s permanent new home is thrilling, and offers pull-tabs.

Urban Eatery

Omnivore: Urban Eatery

The restaurant space at the Calhoun Beach Club gets a makeover—thanks to the prolific people at Crave.

Food for Thought

Omnivore: Food for Thought

At his new restaurant, In Season, Don Saunders delivers excellent cooking—and, inadvertently, poses a big question.

Lacavore Diner

Quick Bite: Lacavore Diner

Low Brow delivers casual

Second Generation

Shops: Second Generation

MartinPatrick3 is reborn—bigger, brighter, and with more clothing—without losing its classic appeal

Mellow Merlot

Wine: Mellow Merlot

What’s dark and plush and well-priced all over? Merlot from Washington State, one of the world’s great underpriced wines.

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

The Culinary Mistress, River Chocolate Company, and other local foodie news

Special Advertising Sections

Men's Health: Decade By Decade

Stay and Play

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