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Twitterview with Kieran Folliard of @2GingersWhiskey

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twitterview with Kieran Folliard of @2GingersWhiskey

Looking for a Happy Hour? You've come to right right place! Time for a @MNMOMag Twitterview w/ Kieran Folliard of @2GingersWhiskey.

So Kieran, how long have you been working and living in Minnesota?

Kieran: Hi Joel, thanks for having me! I arrived in MN on April 16, 1987.

You are clearly VERY entrepreneurial, have you always been that way, and how did you develop that skill?

Kieran: No I'm not!

only joking! I started growing and selling carrots at twelve years of age - I suppose that was the start

It's been all downhill since then!

I don't think that's true! You've helped many too. :) What made you get into the restaurant biz to start off with?

Kieran: It was the only way to spend more time in a pub and not have a real job! That was after 17 yrs in corporate world.

Twitter is not for Irish guys - I can't be so succinct!

@2GingersWhiskey you're doing good! While you were building a restaurant empire, how did the idea of a new whiskey come to you?

Kieran: Mostly from drinking whiskey! I never had a good idea over a cup of coffee.

I like starting businesses. We sold a lot of whiskey at my former pubs - my instinct told me there was an opportunity

Sure. How long then was the process from idea to getting the first bottle? How long until you knew it was a hit?

Kieran: The process really started when I trademarked the Big Ginger in 2007, and success is all relative - TBD

True. When then did you decide to get out of the restaurant biz and focus solely on whiskey distribution?

Kieran: 2 months after launching 2 GINGERS in the Cara pubs (3-16-2011) I saw people loved it and decided to take the plunge

I sold my shares of the pubs internally to the other owners, and went on my merry way in early July 2011

A NEW adventure for you! How has distribution been going for you in MN and around the country?

Kieran: Currently 2 GINGERS is available exclusively in our home state of MN, and we're approaching 1700 accounts

Distribution is strong. Our accts are split evenly between liquor stores and bars/restaurants. We've had great support

I know that you LOVE to tell stories. Any stories that you can share about signing a bottle at a "launch" party?

Kieran: There are lots of good ones, and lots of people out there. My favorite was at @ZippsLiquor - a lady bought a bottle...

and wanted me to sign it for her boyfriend. After I started writing his name she said "OH NO!" and gave a dif. name!

I ended up giving her both bottles!

LOL! I knew that you'd have a good one share! So what's the plan for the next year or so?

Kieran: Goal for the next year: to sell a load of whiskey!

Looking to expand our distribution in MN, build a strong brand, and introduce whiskey to a broader market

That's great!  Thanks for your time today Kieran. All the best to you and your thriving business!

Kieran: Thanks Joel and @MNMOmag for having me and for tippling 2 GINGERS!

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