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Twitterview with Becky Sturm of @StormSister

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twitterview with Becky Sturm of @StormSister

Welcome to the 1st official @MNMOmag Twitterview of Spring! :) Today's guest is Becky Sturm of @StormSister and other endeavors.

Becky: Thanks Joel! Looking forward to it.

@StormSister Tell us first Becky what made you get into the skin and beauty business?

Becky: I literally grew up in the salon/spa industry in my grandmothers' salon. Mom was a hairdresser and so is my sister.

I can't imagine doing anything else.

So you really know what you're talking about and the value of your products. When did you story your biz?

Becky: After 25 years in the salon/spa atmosphere I wanted 2 open a boutique& then 4 years of that, into product development

I started @StormSister in 2006 and @3waybeauty in 2010

Where is @StormSister located, and what do you offer to potential customers?

Becky: After 4 years of a bricks and mortar in St. Paul, StormSister Spatique is exclusively online: http://www.stormsister.biz

StormSister Spatique offers all of my tried and true Lotions, Potions and Serums for hair, skin, nails and body.

StormSister only sells products I have used & I know work. I am not paid to endorse any of the products I sell

Good for you to sell only what you believe in! :) It's more than just hair products too right?

Becky: Oh yes! StormSister Spatique sells skincare, nail care and body care products.

I also chat beauty and grooming on my blog. http://stormsisterspatique.blogspot.com/

Now on to @3waybeauty. How did you come up with this line and how is it different from what's already in the market?

Becky: 3waybeauty was borne out of the recession. Clients needed to get more bang from their buck so, multi-purpose products.

TSA restrictions for liquids were also a concern. Who hasn't had a product taken away at the airport?

So, our @3waybeauty flagship product is shhh. shampoo | shower | shave - a 3-in-1 grooming bar for men and women

Every @3waybeauty product I develop has to have multiple uses, hence 3waybeauty/

Smart thinking! @3waybeauty sounds like a great plan. Do you plan to expand that line?

Becky: We are expanding @3waybeauty - we have several products already http://www.3waybeauty.com  & have another in the works

I even have plans for branding my own @StormSister product. Working with local manufacturer now ;o)

You mentioned that you have a beauty/grooming blog. With Spring now here, what tips would you give for a new season?

Becky: upgrade skincare. We don't need rich winter skincare this time of year. Thick brows are in - grow them out ladies ;o)

Also, look at lipstick as an accessory and don't only match it to your skin. If a shade makes you happy, wear it!

Over @3waybeauty, we want men 2 "think outside the can". Stop w/the canned foam. There isn't anything good about it.

I'm also a big fan of getting a facial at the change of each season. Here in MN, our skin needs it.

Here is my StormSister Spatique Blog http://stormsisterspatique.blogspot.com/

For men to #ThinkOutsideTheCan, what do you recommend they use for shaving?

Becky: My @3waybeauty shhh. bar. http://www.3waybeauty.com  Men are my fastest growing demographic right now.

Men love my @3waybeauty bar because they can use it as a shampoo, shower bar and shaving cream. No tight burning skin

Before ending, please talk about @HAMMSevent and what it's drawing attention to.

Becky: @HAMMSevent was developed by Sairey Gernes and I. We wanted to combine crowdfunding and pop-up shopping.

The @HAMMSevent brought small local businesses together, Minnesota Makers, so the public could shop and support them.

The @HAMMSevent also was able to raise $5K in ticket sales and donations to be given to one lucky Minnesota Maker.

The was the first go-around for the @HAMMSevent and we achieved our objective. Sairey and I were beyond thrilled!

The @HAMMSevent philosophy is that small biz needs to stick together & share resources. It's very tough out there.

We are hoping to do the @HAMMSevent again! So stay tuned.

The @HAMMSevent crowd-funding, Minnesota market concept is a new model and was received very well. Still more to do!

Congrats! What's 1 or 2 tips that you would give to a small business starting out?

Becky: You'll be successful when you can't imagine doing anything else but your business. Eat, sleep and drink it.

Surround yourself with as many other small biz's that you can. Small biz's that share their resources. Generous biz's

Good points! Thanks Becky for your time today with #MNMOtv, and continued success for you! :)

Becky: Thank you so much for this opportunity, Joel. I greatly appreciate it. Cheers! #MNMOtv Thank you to @MNMOmag as well.

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