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Twitterview with Vineeta Sawkar, @vsawkar

Friday, May 3, 2013

Twitterview with Vineeta Sawkar, @vsawkar

Don't think about the snow today! Instead, focus on today's @MNMOmag Twitterview with @vsawkar.

@vsawkar's last day at @KSTP was this week, and so we want to catch up with her and reflect on the past as well as look forward.

A brief synopsis of your time at @KSTP. When did you start and what responsibilities did you have during your time there?

Vineeta: Aug 95. Wknd reporter then wknd anchor then fill-in wkday anchor then AM/midday anchor. Little of everything!

How much has the news industry changed in that time? Beyond just going to HD. :)

Vineeta: So much change! Love social media & how it helps news gathering. Quick way to get news out as well

What have been some of your favorite stories to cover in nearly 18yrs at @KSTP?

Vineeta: We featured a severely mentally impaired girl who had the ability to sing like Whitney Houston and play music well.

I enjoyed Presidential visits as reporter. Clinton and Bush. I liked covering political stories.

I really liked covering education beat and reporting on what was going on in schools.

Having a long history with the station, what was it like for you when you knew that your time there was ending?

Vineeta: Sad to see it end & say goodbye to dear friends but excited for the next step. So many interesting opportunities.

On AM shift, you work so closely with anchors and crew. Will miss those great people. They are great group!

I try to focus on positive. I get to sleep in! YAY! I get to tackle a new challenge and learn something new.

I am excited to use the skills I learned in 23 yrs of TV, in a diff way. Maybe to help another organization...

Sleep is always a plus! :) With your years of experience, what kinds of opportunities are you looking at: PR, radio, Tv?

Vineeta: All of the above! LOL. I have several options I am considering and groups that are considering me.

Whatever option pans out, I look frwrd to learning and also bringing my experience to the job.

So grateful to all the people who had lunches/coffees with me this past yr. I got some great advice!

Strange when employer doesn't want you any more but I like to look ahead to next employer who will be happy 2 have me.

Are you wanting to stay in MN, or are you open to out of state work as well?

Vineeta: Anyone who knows me knows I will never leave #StPaul. I love this city so much. We love raising our kids here.

I have lived in Twin Cities longer than anywhere else. (Grew up in Kansas City) This is home. We are so happy here!

MN is a good place to raise a family! :) What kinds of things are you hoping to accomplish with your time off now?

Vineeta: Reflecting. Meeting friends. Learning how to play hockey. Organizing our house. Running. Staying up late!

I look frwd to not being so tired. Big change for me. Usually go on 5 hrs sleep. It has been tough.

I don't want to complain though. Those early AM hour allowed me to be there for kids in afternoon

Now that kids are getting older, games/performances are later. I want to stay up and enjoy them!

I am going to take some time to enjoy my family/friends and figure out my life. Not many have been at job for 18 yrs.

I just know that when time is right, my next step will be very clear to me

Lots of options! @MNMOmag for May has a section on neighborhoods -  http://www.minnesotamonthly.com/media/Minnesota-Monthly/May-2013/12-Great-Neighborhoods/ Might you do some exploring?

Vineeta: Love that idea. We really need to take our kids out of #StPaul more often!

As a seasoned journalist, what advice would you give to HS & college students interested in that field?

Vineeta: Diversify. Major in journalism but take business classes, too. So important.

Learn latest technology and be ready to report in many diff ways. That is beauty of TV journalism now.

I am excited for future of journalism with use of social media, technology, etc. So many ways to get info.

I would tell them to be persistent and don't let a rejection get you down. Keep trying for that first job.

On behalf of MN TV viewers, THANK YOU for all of your hard work these past 18 years! You've made it good!

Vineeta: Truly appreciate that and also all the kind emails, tweets and Facebook msgs. I am overwhelmed by all the sweet msgs.

Minnesotans are so wonderful. They let me into their homes for 18 yrs and I am sad to say goodbye.

Wish I could personally thank everyone who took time to call, write. It makes me teary to think people care that much.

Thank you for your time Tweeting with me today for #MNMOtv. We look forward to seeing where your #NextStep takes you!

Vineeta: Thanks for this opportunity! I better run. Enjoy the snow!!

Thanks so much! I promise to let you know when I decide!

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