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Election 2008

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Elections junkies read candidates’ financial filings the way teenage girls read tarot cards. After all, little contributions tend to beget bigger ones, and bigger ones produce prizefighters who can last until the conventions. With the balloting still a year off, the field of U.S. presidential candidates is already crowded: 17 Democratic and Republican hopefuls have been raising money for more than six months, and Minnesotans are lining up behind the players. New financial reports will be made public shortly, but here’s a look at the list of early local donors, selected for the size of their largess and their prominence as political activists.


Hillary Clinton

U.S. senator, New York

$364,000 raised in Minnesota
Matt Entenza & Lois Quam, former state representative; managing director, Piper Jaffray: $9,200
Mike & Ann Ciresi, DFL candidate for U.S. Senate and attorney; homemaker: $4,600
Mark Dayton, former U.S. senator: $4,600
David Lillehaug, former U.S. attorney: $1,000
Photo: Official Senate Photo

Barack Obama

U.S. senator, Illinois

$296,000 raised in Minnesota
Mike & Ann Ciresi: $4,600
John & Sage Cowles, retired newspaper publisher; dancer and choreographer: $4,600
Sam & Sylvia Kaplan, attorney; DFL activists: $4,600
Dennis Hecker, president & CEO, Walden Automotive: $2,300
Arne Tucker Carlson, son of former Republican governor: $250
Photo: Official Senate Photo

Rudy Giuliani

Former mayor, New York City

$220,000 raised in Minnesota
Karen & Stanley S. Hubbard, director; chair and CEO, Hubbard Broadcasting: $9,200
Dennis & Tamitha Hecker: $4,600
Wheelock Whitney, former owner, Minnesota Vikings: $4,600
Bahram Akradi, president and CEO, Life Time Fitness: $4,600
Brad Anderson, CEO, Best Buy: $2,300
Photo: by Jason Bedrick

John McCain

U.S. senator, Arizona

$208,000 raised in Minnesota
Rudy & Ellen Boschwitz, former U.S. senator; homemaker: $4,600
Curtis Nelson, president, Carlson Companies: $3,300
Ron Eibensteiner, former chair, Minnesota Republican Party: $2,300
Cullen Loeffler, long snapper, Minnesota Vikings: $2,300
Photo: Official Senate Photo

John Edwards

Former U.S. senator, North Carolina

$104,000 raised in Minnesota
Mike & Ann Ciresi: $4,600
Scott Benson, member, Minneapolis City Council: $1,000
Ted Mondale, former chair, Metropolitan Council: $500
Photo: JohnEdwards.com

Bill Richardson

Governor, New Mexico

$67,000 raised in Minnesota
Stanley S. Hubbard: $4,600
John Cowles: $2,300
Arvonne Fraser, DFL activist, former Humphrey Institute senior fellow: $400
Photo: BillRichardsonForPresident.com

Mitt Romney

Former governor, Massachusetts

$60,000 raised in Minnesota
Michael Crosby, real-estate developer: $2,300
John Thomson, partner, Norwest Equity Partners: $2,300
David Frauenshuh, founder and CEO, Frauenshuh: $2,000
Photo: by Abby Brack

Ron Paul

U.S. representative, Texas

$21,000 raised in Minnesota
Karl Hanson, attorney: $2,300
Christopher Hayner, landlord: $2,300
Photo: Official Congress Photo

Christopher Dodd, U.S. senator, Connecticut: $26,000 raised in Minnesota // Dennis Kucinich, U.S. representative, Ohio: $3,100 raised in Minnesota // Joe Biden, U.S. senator, Delaware: $3,100 raised in Minnesota // Mike Gravel, former U.S. senator, Alaska: $90 raised in Minnesota // Tommy Thompson, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services: $10,000 raised in Minnesota prior to Aug. withdrawal // Sam Brownback, U.S. senator, Kansas: $7,200 raised in Minnesota // Tom Tancredo, U.S. representative, Colorado: $4,100 raised in Minnesota // Mike Huckabee, former governor, Arkansas: $1,100 raised in Minnesota // Duncan Hunter, U.S. representative, California: $275 raised in Minnesota // Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator, Tennesee: Tallies not available since Sept. entry

*Individuals may contribute a legal maximum of $4,600 to a candidate’s primary-election, general-election, and legal-compliance funds. Source: Federal Election Commission, www.fec.gov


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