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November 2009


The New Restaurant Scene

The New Restaurant Scene

Where to go—and what you missed while laying low during the recession: new restaurants, new star chefs, and new takes on classic cuisine. It’s time to come out and eat.

Uncle Ed’s Packard

Uncle Ed’s Packard

Our 24th annual Tamarack Award winner for short fiction, "Uncle Ed's Packard."

The Last Don

The Last Don

It’s the end of an era: Don Shelby is retiring after 30-plus years on the air—and he’s taking the golden age of television news with him.


November 2009 Party Pics

Scene: November 2009 Party Pics

The fifth annual Ivey Awards, Hope Rocks!, A Perspective of Hope gala and Taste of the Nation.

Where the Wild Things Are

Arts: Where the Wild Things Are

Why the most experimental theater in town might just be for kids

Maiden Minnesota

Elizabeth's Picks: Maiden Minnesota

On November 5, the women behind the local boutiques and labels that make this community a hotbed of creativity team up to host Maiden Minnesota.

Rocker Chic

The Look: Rocker Chic

The motorcycle jacket softens up in blue

Pan-Seared Duck

Twin Cities Taste: Pan-Seared Duck

There's seasonality to meat

MNMO Recommends

Talk: MNMO Recommends

November Arts, Gubernatorial Frontrunners & more

Dear Paul

Talk: Dear Paul

The Twin Cities weatherman on the Farmers’ Almanac, the Edmund Fitzgerald, and turkey dinners

Kieran Folliard

My Favorite Things: Kieran Folliard

The Liffey/Local/Kieran's bar founder Kieran Folliard shares his favorite things.


Now Open: Drama

The styles at Drama manage to bridge the gap between dance club and country club.

Sue Z. Says

Sue Z: Sue Z. Says

Recommended reading, new Crave location and more

Hot Plates

Foreword: Hot Plates

Should you go where you always go? Get what you always get?

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