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November 2012


The Twin Cities' Greatest Hits 2012

The Twin Cities' Greatest Hits 2012

Dig it. If all the world’s a song, these are the tastiest grooves in the Twin Cities right now. The best things to do, eat, drink, hear, watch, and wear, from the big hits (Trampled by Turtles,...


Best Comebacks

Editor's Letter: Best Comebacks

This year's trends and transformations aren’t all new, but are well-worth celebrating nonetheless.

Vote for Me

Ripple Effect: Vote for Me

Think you know the candidates? (Warning: This quiz may depress you about the state of democracy.)

Back to the Future

Ripple Effect: Back to the Future

The 1980's stunk. So why are they suddenly cool?

MNMO's Guide to Great New Music

Ripple Effect: MNMO's Guide to Great New Music

Eight must-have albums

For Pretty's Sake

Life Style: For Pretty's Sake

Loving good design and gratitude can go hand-in-hand

Give Thanks

Taste: Give Thanks

A fresh approach to pumpkin pie

Why Do Servers Hate Splitting Checks?

Taste: Why Do Servers Hate Splitting Checks?

A dining mystery answered.

Culinary Cloning

Taste: Culinary Cloning

Popular eateries spawn sequels

Birdhouse Takes Flight in Uptown

Taste: Birdhouse Takes Flight in Uptown

Stewart and Heidi Woodman’s new venture makes healthful dining easy

November 2012 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: November 2012 Arts Calendar

What you need to do, see, and hear this month

Saying Thanks

Scene: Saying Thanks

VIP supporters of the Boys & Girls Club receive VIP treatment at the Dakota Jazz Club

From the Heart

Scene: From the Heart

The Children’s Heartlink Gala aims to heal children’s hearts around the world

Fashion Rewind

Scene: Fashion Rewind

The Goldstein Museum of Design goes retro to raise support for its latest project

MN Moments: Gray Marriage

What happens when a lifelong bachelor takes the plunge?

Modern Glamour

Finds: Modern Glamour

Everything '20s feels new again, including art deco's philosophy: more is more is more

What's Your Motto?

Shops: What's Your Motto?

Meet Uptown's newest way to make a style statement

Back to Cool

Transformations: Back to Cool

This single mom-turned-empty-nester turns the page and looks for reinvention

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

This season's must haves: Ames Farm honey, Joia herb and spice blend sodas, gfGoodies mixes, and Lucy's Pub Blend spices

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