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Twitterview with Laurie Crowell, @goldenfig

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Twitterview with Laurie Crowell, @goldenfig

Hello everyone! Welcome to today's @MNMOmag Twitterview. Today's guest is the owner of @goldenfig in St. Paul, Laurie Crowell.

So Laurie, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what kinds of things interested you as a kid?

Laurie: I grew up in Eau Claire Wi. Food was always a big part of my life. Cooking with my Mom, canning with my Grandma.

A good memory to have. Did you always want to work with food, or did you do other work before you opened your shop?

Laurie: I actually studied architecture and interior design in college. But one summer spent in East Hampton, NY rerouted me!

A summer at Barefoot Contessa turned into a few years there and a whole new level of food "love" was born.

Upon returning to the Midwest in the 90's I just navigated the good food world until I found my Figgy home.

Niiiice! So did you actually get to work with and learn about food from @inagarten? What was that experience like?

Laurie: I was lucky enough to work with Ina and I adore her. She really introduced me to the logic of local!

@inagarten She was and is much like our own Lenny Russo. Doing the local push twenty years ago.

That's just awesome! So share some things about your store. Like when did you open and what was the initial concept?

Laurie: I have been making a line of about 100 food products since 1996. I opened the store in 2006 with the mission of local

Local AND best quality. No HFCS/food color/msg etc allowed on our shelves Working hand in hand with farmers, producers

The Fig brand is available at local groceries/co-ops as well as Macy's and other specialty retailers nationwide.

Can you share some of the items that you offer, and what are some of the more popular ones?

Laurie: Our house made Chocolate Salted Caramel sauce is amazing, local cream and butter and our Chocolate Salt.

Our fresh Basil Limeade with a splash of gin could actually make you cry (in a good way!)

Our Sel de Cuisine spice blend is actually legendary. We ship it all over the world. People (and I) LOVE it :)

Is that the same caramel sauce that John on @TwinCities_Live raves about? Where are you located?

Laurie: Yes! I actually created the sauce for an ice cream segment for TCL...John Hanson dreams of it I think.

Golden Fig is located at 790 Grand Avenue in St. Paul. We are on the East end of the Avenue. 1 block from Cafe Latte

That's in a GREAT neighborhood! What are your hours and are there any deals or specials going on right now or soon?

Laurie: 10-8 Mon-Sat, 11-6 Sun. 4-7 tonight is Gluten Free night. Tons of local gluten free companies sampling and educating.

And of course we're gearing up for all local Thanksgiving! Turkeys, fresh pies, cranberry sauce. YUM!

I always say the deal is you get the best customer service, best products AND support local. What better deal is there!

Your shop would be VERY dangerous for people, especially on an empty stomach! :) Thanks for being a part of #MNMOtv today.

Laurie: We offer tons of samples so no empty stomachs here :) Thanks for inviting me to chat and hope to see you soon!

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