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Twitterview with LEN Clothing Store, @ShopLen

Friday, November 2, 2012

Twitterview with LEN Clothing Store, @ShopLen

Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to today's Twitterview of @ShopLen, with Kara Nesvig handling their Tweets. Let's begin!

LEN: I'm here!

Super! To begin, where are your stores located currently?

LEN: We're at Southdale, Rosedale, MOA, Maplewood and City Center!

Any mens or womens only stores? Do you have an outlet anywhere as well?

LEN: LEN stores sell both men's & women's merchandise @ 50% off the ticket. If they go on further sale, clearance store at Southdale.

What is a "typical" shopper at Len like? Moms & Dads? 1st job outfit hunters? 20 or 30 somethings?

LEN: It depends. Downtown: Skyway workers. Southdale: Lotsa teens. MOA: Anyone & everyone! We carry many different styles.

Good to know! Variety is good. Tell us some of the history of the company. When did it start, why and where?

LEN: Len Druskin (the man) opened his 1st store in '70s in Edina. LEN stores began late 2000s, Southdale & DT were first.

It's important not to mix up Len Druskin (Galleria/Gaviidae) and LEN! Same company, totally different stores! :)

For those not aware, what's the difference between the 2 types of stores?

LEN: Len Druskin sells full-price, brand name merch at Galleria/DT (Len D Man, LD Len Druskin, LD Blues)

LEN stores = completely different buy, sold 50% off ticket. A "baby sister" store to Len Druskin. More fast fashion.

Nothing in a LEN store comes from Len Druskin.

Thanks for the explanation. So what are some "hot trends" at the store these days? What's really moving of the racks?

LEN: Women: Coated denim, infinity scarves, chambray shirts, "leather" jackets, fur vests, sheer blouses.

Men: Retro sports tees, office-to-"out" sweaters, straight leg jeans, wool peacoats

We get new merch almost daily so it's always changing!

What is the general range of sizes that you have available in mens and womens clothing?

LEN: Women: 0-12 or waist 24-30, S-XL, occasionally up to a size 15 jean. Men: 30-40, S-XXL. It depends on the vendors.

Good to know and make sure to ask of course. What are the store hours, and any #SpecialTips for shoppers?

LEN: Probably easiest to direct you to our Facebook! facebook.com/shoplen  - All the stores have different hours!

#specialtips: Ask 4 help! Sales staff is trained to provide awesome service. Stop in frequently, merch changes often.

Good suggestions! Any special sales that people should come in for now or look out for soon?

LEN: We're always 50% off, but stay tuned for Black Friday! We'll be doing something really fun!

Ah, I see! :) Thank you very much Kara for talking about Len and what the store has to offer. Have a good weekend!

LEN: For sure! Thank YOU!

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