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Nougats of Information

Nougats of Information


Calories in a fun-size Snickers bar. Calories in a single piece of candy corn: about 3.5. Either way, best by the handful.



The year the Snickers bar was introduced, by candy maker Frank C. Mars of Minnesota (the confection was named after a Mars family horse, BTW). It was preceded by the Milky Way in 1923, and followed by the Three Musketeers in 1932. Who knew the middle child could be such a star?



pounds. Size of the giant clam that will be on display in the Bell Museum of Natural History’s “Oddities” exhibit, on view weekends only from October 8 to 30. See a mummified pigeon, a manatee skull, and other creepy curiosities of nature. And don’t miss the “Eat-a-Bug Cookoff” the weekend of October 22 and 23. Tastier than a popcorn ball!


Cost to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. The flick has been showing at midnight every other Saturday for the past 6 years.



Estimated number of visitors who will descend on Anoka—the self-proclaimed “Halloween Capital of the World”—for this year’s fright-filled festivities. Percentage of those who will be dressed as hometown hero Garrison Keillor: hard to say. Probably a few will show up in red socks.



Three-day rental cost for The Goblin costume, the biggest, scariest most elaborate getup available from CostumeRentals, a combined project of the Guthrie and the Children’s Theatre Company. The enormous rubber and fabric suit—which was used onstage in a CTC production of The Hobbit—comes complete with glowing red eyes, fangs, and bony spikes from head to tail. Just don’t try driving your Kia in it.


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