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October 2010


The Case of the Curious Disease

The Case of the Curious Disease

Three years ago, when a strange illness began affecting slaughterhouse workers in Austin, state health officials and doctors from the Mayo Clinic stepped in to solve the mystery.

7 Artists to Watch

7 Artists to Watch

The hottest actors, artists, and musicians of the fall's fresh arts season.

5 Fantastic Fall Drives in Minnesota

5 Fantastic Fall Drives in Minnesota

From southern Minnesota to northwestern Wisconsin, these colorful road trips will dazzle and delight.


Mapped Quests

Editor's Letter: Mapped Quests

Road trips have a way of opening our eyes to the natural wonders that lie just a few miles from home.

Sewn Together

Ripple Effect: Sewn Together

A musical about quilts? Regina Williams explains Gee’s Bend.

Coach Vänskä

Ripple Effect: Coach Vänskä

How much higher can the maestro take the Minnesota Orchestra?

October 2010 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: October 2010 Arts Calendar

8 hot picks, curtain call, and more October arts

MN Moments: There Was No Yoko

Sometimes breaking up isn’t so hard to do

Herbal Healer

Expert: Herbal Healer

Lise Wolff cures what ails you—or, rather, helps you help yourself heal—with herbs

Vibrant Violet

Finds: Vibrant Violet

A hue once reserved for royalty, purple has been democratized for fall.

Fresh Coats

Muse: Fresh Coats

Minnesota’s chilly climate is good for at least one thing: building a coat collection. This fall, sink into sumptuous fabrics and thoughtful details.

Nectar of the 'Burbs

Omnivore: Nectar of the 'Burbs

Exotic wines! In Osseo! A town worth getting to know.

Heart Warming

Omnivore: Heart Warming

The bigger, better location of St. Paul’s landmark Heartland restaurant is historic—and makes Minnesota seem wonderfully European

Labor of Love

Omnivore: Labor of Love

Too many chefs is a recipe for success at the new Travail

Blue-Ribbon Retail

Shops: Blue-Ribbon Retail

The rebirth of great menswear in the Twin Cities continues with Bluepeg

Surprising Syrah

Wine: Surprising Syrah

Hooray for chilly nights! There’s no more need to apologize for diving into those wines as thick and rich as meat and as deep as a well.

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

Wayzata Bay Spice Company, Lacey Sue Z cookie mix, and more

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