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October 2011


Yoga for All

Yoga for All

Whether you're stretchy as a Slinky or as tight as Spandex, these 10 classes prove there's a style of yoga for everyone.

Best Doctors for Women 2011

Best Doctors for Women 2011

They deliver babies, stitch wounds, replace hips, and save lives: these 418 Twin Cities doctors do it all, and they do it best.

Big Red

Big Red

Red, green, yellow, pink; no matter the color or breed, apples are the jewels in autumn's crown—the final touch for a quintessential Midwest fall.


Best RX

Editor's Letter: Best RX

A glimpse of what it’s like not only to work in healthcare, but also to care deeply about patients.

Wellness: Stress Test

Learning to control your stress responses just might be the key to a long, healthy, vibrant life

Mini Munich

True North: Mini Munich

Welcome to New Ulm, a town where Minnesota nice meets the best of Bavaria

October 2011 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: October 2011 Arts Calendar

Ten hot picks and the faces behind this month's arts and culture

Art Perchance

Scene: Art Perchance

The MIA’s Art Perchance pairs art-inspired games with the chance to win original works by local artists

Glam It Up

Scene: Glam It Up

Glamorama combines fashion, music, and philanthropy to create a truly “artrageous” night

Toasting the Zoo

Scene: Toasting the Zoo

Minnesota Zoo’s third annual Brew at the Zoo celebrates conservation with local beer and BBQ

MN Moments: L.A. Confidential

The slightest brush with fame can change a person

Your Wish is Granted

Expert: Your Wish is Granted

Ask Grant Whittaker your style question, and you shall receive great, colorful advice

Finds: Natural Setting

This fall, bring the outdoors in and cozy up to natural materials, neutral palettes, and tactile textures

Queen Mum

Muse: Queen Mum

We give this deserving mother a positively regal look in time for her daughter’s wedding

Knit Wit

Muse: Knit Wit

Twin Cities’ hackwith design house is mastering the art of go-anywhere, do-anything knit separates

Still Waters

Omnivore: Still Waters

South Minneapolis’s pioneering coffee house re-opens, shocks, awes

Deane’s Kombucha

Omnivore: Deane’s Kombucha

Move over, beer, a new brew’s taking over Minnesota: kombucha

Alternating Current

Omnivore: Alternating Current

The St. Criox introduces a new kind of Current at the Afton House Inn

Fish Fight

Omnivore: Fish Fight

Who has the best sushi in the Twin Cities: the longtime champ, Origami, or the upstart, Masu?

Playing for Keeps

Profile: Playing for Keeps

Can art pull people from poverty? Noël Raymond of Pillsbury House Theatre is a believer.

The Long Goodbye

Q&A: The Long Goodbye

Myron Johnson, founder of Ballet of the Dolls, takes a bow—sort of

Pacific Islander Cuisine

Quick Bite: Pacific Islander Cuisine

A fascinating addition to the local food scene

Wilde Roast

Quick Bite: Wilde Roast

It’s as elegant and pretty a space as it ever was, except now it’s a very pretty room with an equally pretty view

Pandolfi Candy, Gelato, and Gifts

Quick Bite: Pandolfi Candy, Gelato, and Gifts

All things sweet


Quick Bite: Kinsen

Noodles, served in style

Truly Tempting

Shops: Truly Tempting

Edina’s new lingerie shop makes it easy to unlock your inner fox

The Fashionable South

Wine: The Fashionable South

Southern Italy: the wine vanguard’s darling for a solid three years

Sue. Z's Finds

Sue Z: Sue. Z's Finds

Minnesota-grown pumpkins, sweet, salty, chocolately, snacks and more!

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