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Gopher it!

Gopher it!


The year most freshmen were born. They weren’t alive to see Purple Rain on the big screen or the Twins’ first World Series victory. And while Jesse Ventura was cutting his teeth in politics as Brooklyn Park’s mayor, these students were, um, cutting their teeth.


The cost of an unlimited meal plan, per semester. Also the cost of 168 cheese pizzas from the Manhattan Loft, a popular student hangout. (Or, for nutritional variety, 74 cheese pizzas and 4,456 packages of ramen noodles.)


Number of students who can live in on-campus housing fall semester. It’s also the number who will wish that residence halls and academic buildings were connected via skyway during finals week in December.

More than 75

Percentage of students who bring their own computers to campus. Other must-haves include cell phones and iPods.


Cost of a semester’s housing in a typical double-occupancy dorm room. While that does include unlimited use of washers and dryers, students may claim otherwise when they haul the contents of their closets home each academic break.


The price parents pay to University Dining Services to deliver a birthday cake (feeds 48) to any on-campus location.


Rank of Cinnamon Toast Crunch among cereals offered in the dining halls, as determined by popular vote. Along with the pizza, ramen, and cake, it delivers a student’s recommended daily allowance of nutrients from the four food groups: sugar, fat, salt, and grease.

Minneapolis freelance writer Erin Peterson spent her college years listening to Hanson, the Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC. In retrospect, she wishes she had enjoyed them ironically.

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