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The Fall 2011 Guide to Museums, Culture and Entertainment

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Science Museum of Minnesota

With two new highly interactive exhibits and an Academy Award-nominated IMAX film, the Science Museum of Minnesota in downtown St. Paul is sure to excite the imagination of visitors this fall.

Beginning October 7, visitors will have the opportunity to get inside the forces of nature that have shaped our planet with the new exhibit Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters.  Discover what triggers a volcanic eruption, witness the power of hurricane-force winds, experience the roar of a tornado as it surrounds you, and monitor earthquakes around the world in real time.

Identity: An Exhibition of You is fun for all ages starting October 19. Explore your physical, psychological, and social identity in this new exhibit that asks: what makes you YOU? Compare fingerprints, determine if you are an introvert or extrovert, and view the differences between male and female brains. We’re all made up of a thousand different stories—discover yours.

The Omnitheater’s 90-foot domed screen will feature the majesty and wonder of the rainforest in the film Amazon beginning September 23. This Academy Award-nominated film takes viewers on a journey of discovery through a timeless land where reality is more startling than myth. Witness the beauty, mystique, and importance of the world’s mightiest river and its many inhabitants on one of the only screens big enough to capture the grandeur of the Amazon.

Free for Science Museum Members

The Museum of Russian Art

Whether it’s a 5,000-year-old artifact or the vibrant work of contemporary artists, The Museum of Russian Art is the only museum in North America dedicated to everything related to the art and culture of Russia and its surrounding regions. A unique cultural resource, the Museum features a dynamic rotation of originally curated exhibits showcasing extraordinary works of art seldom displayed in the United States.
Housed in a beautifully renovated historic building, visitors can explore new and diverse perspectives of Russian culture, boasting a long tradition of excellence in the arts.

On tour for the first time in America, the exhibit Antiquities from Ukraine: Golden Treasures and Lost Civilizations, will be on display at The Museum of Russian Art from Oct. 1, 2011 through Feb. 19, 2012. The exhibit covers 6,000 years of history and prehistory of various cultures that once inhabited the territory of modern Ukraine.

Ancient trade routes crossed this part of the world for countless centuries. As a result, trade items from many of the Old World’s civilizations have been found in Ukraine. The exhibit’s storyline follows a chronological sequence, starting with the Trypilian culture dating back to 5,000 BC. Pottery decorated with red and black paints, sacred symbols, as well as temple models and animal sculptures, will be on display.

The 7th and 3rd centuries BC are represented by a dazzling array of bronze sculpture, exquisite gold jewelry, extraordinary rhytons (drinking cups partially in the shape of a ram), black-slip pottery, and amphorae; works from as early as the 1st century BC blend traditions from both Greek and Roman worlds, with bright red and orange pottery, transparent glass, bronze and silver vessels, and jewelry incorporating precious stones, filigree, granulation and inlays; while the Byzantine Empire, spanning the 5th through the 13th centuries AD, is represented through relics, jewelry, utensils, and other objects used by the inhabitants of medieval Ukraine.

Beginning in August and running through February of 2012, don’t miss the works on paper and oil paintings of one of the most important artists to emerge from the Soviet underground art scene—Oleg Vassiliev—during the exhibit Art of Oleg Vassiliev: Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters. The exhibition will include an array of works by Oleg Vasiliev, rooted in the rich tradition of the Russian Realist style and the early Soviet avant-garde. Full of personal memories, his masterful works are an energetic meditation on human memory, forgetting, and a return to one’s home.

Come see for yourself why a small museum can make such a significant impact on the cultural community of the Twin Cities.


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