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September 2012


Fantastic Fall Drives

Fantastic Fall Drives

8 amazing trips for enjoying autumn colors, apple pie, eagles, hiking, crafts, shopping, smoked fish, and more

A Fashionable Fall Arts Preview

A Fashionable Fall Arts Preview

35 must-see shows! Plus: 10 artists to watch (and why we love them) in the season’s most dramatic new looks.


Drive & Progress

Editor's Letter: Drive & Progress

Minnesota isn’t the Swiss Alps, but it is every bit as unbelievable.

Stop Boring Us!

Ripple Effect: Stop Boring Us!

Theater for the ADHD generation

Christopher Hampton

Ripple Effect: Christopher Hampton

On Uma Thurman, his new play, and being feted by the Guthrie

Lip Service

Trending: Lip Service

Dessa and The Elixery: a first in Minnesota celebrity/brand collaborations

Luxe Lingerie

Trending: Luxe Lingerie

Finally! Classy, beautiful, sexy lingerie and loungewear

Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Life Style: Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Julie Swenson does beauty extraordinarily well

Haute Hot Dogs

Taste: Haute Hot Dogs

Gourmet garnishes upgrade the typical tubesteak

Grilled Cheese Perfection

Taste: Grilled Cheese Perfection

Grilled cheese at Three Squares Restaurant and Annie's Parlour will bring you right back to the first day of school

Lake Country Destination Dining

Taste: Lake Country Destination Dining

Norway Ridge and Cru offer a classic and contemporary taste of “up north”

Savoring Stillwater

Scene: Savoring Stillwater

The Taste of Stillwater brings together local brews, wines, and food to benefit those in need

Painting the Town Teal

Scene: Painting the Town Teal

The Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s Mid Summer Night Gala raises awareness and support

MN Moments: Freshman Haze

Campus life has changed a bit since the days of typewriters and hall phones

Cool Casual

Makeover: Cool Casual

Flexible style for a working mom

Profile: Duck Dynasty

How three brothers from Minnesota came to rule the obscure and peculiar world of competitive duck painting

The Love Whisperer

Profile: The Love Whisperer

Oprah’s fave life coach, Kailen Rosenberg, on her new series, Lovetown, U.S.A.

Corner Table

Quick Bite: Corner Table

New owners evolve an old favorite

Left Handed Cook

Quick Bite: Left Handed Cook

MGM gets some heat on it

A Lotta Burrata

Quick Bite: A Lotta Burrata

Fresh mozzarella’s magnificent cousin

Prairie Kitchen and Bar

Quick Bite: Prairie Kitchen and Bar

The Hyatt’s dining comeback

Do The Do

Shops: Do The Do

Blowdry brings sexy back to the shampoo set

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

Local jams and jellies, plus a new candy shop

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