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Dining Features

Dinner is the Show

How a Twin Cities visionary changed the way we think about dining out

Eat Your Way Through Summer

What to grill, where to drink, how to cook farmers' market finds, and more!

The TC's hottest dining mind: genius or lucky?

"Some of the deals I'm most proud of are the deals I haven't done."

Hot-dish Haute

Parka as the über-Minnesota restaurant

What kitchen tools do chefs rely on at home?

Kitchen tools chefs rely on at home

Sue Z.'s Finds

Spring foods, where to find locally designed wooden spoons and bowls, and a family-run, free-range egg producer you will love for Easter


Can a restaurant define a neighborhood?

Why Are Suburban Restaurants So Flavorless?

Good luck finding cutting-edge restaurants in the suburbs. Michael Larson, Mike Brown, and Tim Niver help answer why.

Sue Z.'s Finds

Chicken soup finds to help soothe spring colds

A More Perfect Union

The supergroup of restaurants has sky-high ambitions


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