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Dining Features

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What’s in a Name?

Your perception of a restaurant often starts with the name.

Sue Z.'s Finds

Uffda Chips, Knaus sweet horseradish pickles, and Proper People toffee waffles

Why Should I Pay for Your Restaurant?

Buttered Tin, Dangerous Man Brewing Company, Donut Cooperative

Airport Eats Fly High

Chefs from top local restaurants create a dining destination

Tipping: is 20 percent the new 15?

Tipping: is 20 percent the new 15?

Sue Z.'s Finds

Summer picnic brownies, thyme seasonings, and pies vs. cupcakes

Is Burch the Steakhouse of the Future?

A leaner and greener concept comes to Lowry Hill

Dinner is the Show

How a Twin Cities visionary changed the way we think about dining out

Eat Your Way Through Summer

What to grill, where to drink, how to cook farmers' market finds, and more!

The TC's hottest dining mind: genius or lucky?

"Some of the deals I'm most proud of are the deals I haven't done."

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