Meet the wonderful makers involved in the Best of MN Gift Box!

Leah Trevelen has always loved happy hour. For her, it’s a time to relax from the stresses of day-to-day life and connect with family and friends. However, this stress-free time can easily be overshadowed by the task of crafting the perfect cocktail. Treleven wanted to find a way to eliminate this obstacle, making happy hour more delicious and enjoyable for everyone. Less muddling and mixing, more laughing and connecting. This vision became Sweet Haven tonics– the fresh mixers that craft the perfect cocktail in under 30 seconds. Just a fledgling of an idea back in 2020, Treleven began bottling tonics for friends and family as Christmas gifts. While she never intended to start a business, word of her concoctions spread quickly, so she began selling on Facebook Marketplace. At the time, she thought this was dreaming big. Today, Sweet Haven Tonics has outgrown both Facebook and even Treleven’s kitchen, set to open their own brick and mortar store, production space and tasting room in  New Ulm. Treleven has never lost her passion for extracting these fresh flavors from her garden and bringing them to life behind the bar, and it is safe to say happy hour will never be the same because of it.