2008 Jurors & The Selection Process

2008 Jurors Uptown Art Fair Dean Lucker

St. Paul, MN – Mechanical Sculpture Artist

Lisa Melander
Minneapolis, MN – Manager, Target Corporate art collection

Lee Ross
Hovald, MN – Clay and Stone Sculpture Artist

Kim Crocker
Prior Lake, MN – Jewelry Artist

Nina Bliese
Minneapolis, MN – Director, Nina Bliese Gallery

The Selection Process

This highly competitive juried art show consists of 360 artists, from around the country, selected to display their work. After last year’s show, 49 artists were invited back to represent the Best of Show and top 10 percent of each medium. A total of 1,001 artists applied for the remaining spots, with 187 new artists selected and 110 artists returning from 2007. The artists will travel from 38 states and two countries (Argentina and Canada).

An arduous jury process is followed. The Uptown Art Fair is part of a state-of-the-art online application and jury process called ZapplicationTM. Nine other major art fairs are partners.

The jurors handpicked the artists after previewing images projected onto individual screens. All artwork submitted was in a consistent, high-quality digital format. During the jury process, each applicant was scored by yes, no, or maybe. The identities of the artists remained anonymous during the entire review process.