2010 Minnesota International Center Gala

The Minnesota International Center Celebrates Malaysian Culture

EVENT: 2010 Minnesota International Center Gala—Celebration of Malaysia, June 19

HOSTS: Bob and Polly McCrea of Long Lake

SEE AND BE SEEN: Nor’ Aini Abd. Hamid, deputy head of Mission Embassy of Malaysia, Washington, D.C.

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE: A trip to Malaysia and passes to the Monsoon Cup Yacht Race.

DINING AND DÉCOR: Catered by Chef Tong of Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine. Batik table runners came from Bold Over Batiks of St. Paul.

SONG AND DANCE: The Ragamala Dance Company performed Bharatanatyam dances. The University of Minnesota’s Malaysian Student Organization sang.

ABOUT MIC: MIC helps Minnesotans understand global issues by bringing international visitors to our communities. 

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