2013 GrillFest Exhibitor and Sponsor Info

Exhibitor + Sponsor Info


It’s time to start cooking, sampling, and interacting. Event marketing works. Face-to-face interaction is the best way to turn prospects into clients.

So take eight hours out of your weekend and interact with the 4,500, pre-qualified, food-loving consumers we are hand delivering to you.

ExhibitorStop talking about what makes you the best—and show us what makes you the best.

Your presence is important. If you are not here, guess what, the consumer may not notice, but they will notice your competitor. Our clever, event-savvy account executives can create packages from big (a presenting sponsor gets their logo on everything) to smaller, tailored for your company.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

•  You will be allowed to fire up a grill. Bye, bye Sterno.

•  GrillFest is about outdoor bliss. Strut your summer stuff. This includes showcasing great restaurant patios, summer menus, a hot new chef, etc.

•  Greenspring Media Group is an expert event producer. The Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience is 18 years old. The Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour is 12 years old. The Midwest Home Show, five years under our watchful eye. Our team of experts have identified a grilling category gap in the market that needs to be filled. It is bound for success. Join us confidently down that road.


2013 GrillFest Contract (DOC)

2013 GrillFest Pavilion Floor Plan (PDF)

2013 GrillFest Shed Floor Plan (PDF)

MN Revenue Operator Certificate Compliance Form—ST19 (PDF)

2013 GrillFest Exhibitor Manual (PDF)

2013 GrillFest Alcohol Sampling Agreement Form (PDF)

Exhibitor Locations (PDF)