2014 Interior Design Trends from LiLu Interiors

With the upcoming Midwest Home Design Week on February 16-22, we’re asking a few of the week’s participants to share design tips, tricks, and trends. We’ve already talked with Lucy Interior Design about design tips to beat the winter blues (don’t we all need a break from winter weather this time of year!) and Linda Engler of Engler Studio shared how to create a Cape Cod-inspired living room

Today, Lisa Peck of LiLu Interiors, who will be a part of Design Week’s Design Boutique on February 16 shares her four favorite design trends of 2014: 

A quick word on trends: trends are fun to follow. Only adopt a trend that fits your style.  A trend that fits your style can help inspire a fresh approach to your interior that will suit you for years to come.

Metal Tones

Copper kitchen
Copper kitchen. Photo by Karen Melvin

Warmer metal tones like copper and soft, mellow bronze are coming on strong this year. We will see this in kitchens combined with stronger color on cabinetry and counters that are more jewel-like and exotic in pattern. Look also for these warmer metals to show up in everything from accessories, plumbing, and lighting.

Hair on Hide

Hair on hide will be used everywhere—rugs, upholstery, accents, and even on walls. We recently used an embossed hair on hide ottoman in a traditional space, a hair on hide rug in a contemporary space. It is a material that translates well in all styles.

Saturated Color

Colorful living room
Vibrant hues make any room more fun. Photo by Susan Gilmore.

Turquoise, wild orchid, pinks, and oranges aren’t just for pillows anymore. Bolder use of color on walls, sofas, and large pieces in rooms will be a strong trend this year. Color as the new neutral in your room will be embraced as a fresh approach

What about Woods?

Some of my all-time faves are back in center stage. Walnut, cherry, and oak with their warm, mellow tones are overtaking the darker woods as trendsetters. Look for furniture and cabinetry that follow use these all-American woods. This is a perfect example of a “trend” also fitting a classic style.