40 Percent Off at Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas, one of the most expansive, high-end Asian antique showrooms in the metro is offering 40 PERCENT OFF almost everything in store (minus a few special consignment pieces and the terra cotta), now through April 18th. That includes everything you see below: 

This nineteenth-century lacquered sideboard features a variation of the “One Hundred Boys”— an auspicious image in traditional Chinese culture. From the Shanxi Province of China. Originally $3,800; now $2,280.

This circa 1850 red lacquered elm cabinet is beautifully finished with brass exterior hinges on the doors, and circular lock-plates and door pulls. From the Shanxi Province of China. Was $2,250, now $1,350.

A nineteenth century elm alter table with elaborate openwork carvings from Northern China. Was $3,800, now $2,280.