5 Favorite Finds at Omforme

Nestled right off the corner of Lyndale Ave. S. and W. 24th St. in Minneapolis is a haven of colorful, retro-chic decor, otherwise known as the store, Omforme.

Owner Carter Averbeck’s warm, bright personality translates into all of his furniture and accessories. With an affinity for bright, vivid colors, Carter has both collected and created a line of gorgeous, lush furnishings.

The best part about Omforme is that every piece has a background story. You see, everything in the store is recycled. After spending more than 15 years in the interior design industry, Carter has a knack for seeing the potential in the unexpected and was tired of seeing all of the excess in the furniture industry.

Using his skills and background in decorative finishing, Carter is able to transform (Omforme is the Norwegian word for “to transform”) older, discarded pieces into individual works of art. The results are stunning, modern pieces that still retain their original vintage character.

In addition to his own transformations, Omforme is filled with unique pieces which are sourced from other local artisans. “It’s the fastest way to grow a sustainable community where everyone can prosper.” says Carter.

Make sure to stop by Omforme’s open house on February 20 as part of the Midwest Home Design Week (Feb. 16-22).

In the meantime, I stopped into Omforme and picked out my five favorite finds (It was really hard to choose just five!).

1) A collection of framed matchboxes from iconic Twin Cities restaurants

Twin Cities Restaurent Matchbox Covers
Photo by Jennie Eukel

2) Art by John Alspach, rubber bunny lamp, restyled English chair in fuchsia metallic paint and Kravet fabric, custom mirror panel by Carter Averbeck (background)—I cheated, there’s more than one item in this photo!

Omforme chair
Photo by Jennie Eukel

3) Cantilevered chandelier by local designer, Ross Mackert

Ross Mackert Light
Photo by Jennie Eukel

4) Rubber bunny lamp by Carter Averbeck

Rubber Bunny Lamp
Photo by Carter Averbeck

5) Framed vintage dress patterns

Vintage sewing cards
Photo by Jennie Eukel

613 W. 24th St. Mpls
Open Sat. and Sun.
10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Open weekdays by appointment

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