5 Top Apps to Improve Your Mood



This social app capitalizes on two proven strategies for increasing your happiness: expressing gratitude and celebrating others’ happiness. Share your own happy moment (with or without a picture), send a “smile” to friends in response to theirs, and be reminded of your previous happy moments with random pop-up alerts.


The tools and activities in this app help develop and unleash your inner therapist. The “thought checker” tool offers help identifying and transforming negative thought patterns, and a journaling tool throws out provocative questions to promote self-awareness and a positive outlook.

Track Your Happiness

This app allows you to track your level of happiness over time, and gives you a personalized report on which people, activities, and circumstances make you happiest. It then feeds your (anonymous) information into a larger pool of data to be used in an ongoing Harvard University research project on the factors that promote happiness.


Based on research by psychologists and neuroscientists, this app offers games and activities promising to help you form life-changing, happiness-increasing habits, conquer negative thoughts, gain confidence, and boost optimism.

Simply Being

Sometimes the most effective path to well-being is to slow down, let go of the mental chatter and to-do lists, and focus mindfully on the here and now. This app offers timed meditations, guided and otherwise, with optional aural landscapes to promote stillness, release, and inner peace.

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