5 Ways to Use Google Glass

I applied to Google’s Glass Explorer Program and bought a beta version of its computer and communications device mounted in nonprescription eyeglasses; here’s how it’s changing Minnesota life.

1. Access: Google Glass is like a phone you don’t have to dig through winter layers to find—you’re already wearing it.

2. Multitasking: Two-way communication closer than your fingertips has advantages, such as when you have to explain that you haven’t left home because you’re still shoveling out, while you’re shoveling out.

3. Weather Alerts: Get warnings on Glass before your very (right) eye, even if you’re outside mid-snow angel.

4. Sharing: Google Hangouts are fancy video chats that let others see what you see through Glass. Friends can ask for a better look at your car buried in last night’s snowdrift.

5. Minnesota Nice: Recognizing visual cues is within reach. The next version of Google Glass could tell you: “Mary looks upset. Ask about her day.” Minnesota Nice? There might be an app for that.