A Shelter from the Storm

If today’s snow has you contemplating returning to hibernation, be sure to take <em>Shelter</em> by Sarah Stonich with you.

As Minnesotans, snow in March should come as no surprise, and yet it always does—a big, unwelcome, how-dare-you-sneak-up-on-me-like-that surprise. Just as we were about to trade our winter coats for rain boots, our hats for umbrellas, our wool for cotton, we’re faced with yet another layer of Minnesota’s go-to ground decoration. But there’s good news (no really, there is!)—more time to cozy up with a good book without feeling guilty about not enjoying the warmth of spring.

Sarah Stonich’s latest book, Shelter, is the story of a single mother in Minnesota with a craving for a cabin to call her own. A book of escape and discovery, full of vivid descriptions and raw emotion, Stonich writes in a way that’s just romantic enough to keep you interested but not so idealistic you roll your eyes. Her honesty about the challenges and joys, ups and downs that life changes bring allow the reader to relate in a real, tangible way—the perfect escape from this mid-March storm.