Andrew Martin Lands in Edina

The home décor retail boom keeps sounding in the metro area. One of the latest additions is Andrew Martin, a UK-based interiors retailer, and they’ve plunked down next to Kohler in Edina. If you can’t sell it, you might as well make it what you want, right? We got the scoop about the store from CEO and Twin Cities resident, Tim McGeehan. Check it out:

What made you decide the Twin Cities would be a perfect location for an Andrew Martin?
I’ve been around the Twin Cities all my life. When I discovered Andrew Martin in my travels, I instantly recognized it as something new and different that people from my home state would love. Minnesotans are outgoing, adventurous, intelligent, and fashion savvy. Andrew Martin can offer Twin Cities homeowners offbeat items that will violate what they’ve come to expect from traditional home interior and furnishing retailers (in a good way)!

What can our shoppers expect?
When shoppers enter our showroom they are going to feel like they’ve stepped into something they’ve never experienced before. At the Edina showroom we will have furniture, lighting, wallpapers, fabrics, cushions, and all kinds of accessories. With this showroom in particular, we’ve merged “British Invasion” with “Americana” by bringing in items like vintage Playboy posters, hand-crafted tables, and even a pair of 8-foot iron horses made from motorcycle and car parts.

What trends in color, texture, and materials are you most excited about?
Andrew Martin is known for its own individual look featuring masculine patterns, theatrical flair, and a contemporary twist on traditional ethnic objects and textiles. We use a lot of influences coming from Africa, Asia, 1950s Americana, and Old English Country Estates.

The last few years people have been pretty preoccupied with midcentury modern. Do you see any furniture or home décor trends coming up that might change that perspective?
Founder Martin Waller is continually sourcing and reinventing pieces for our brand. Most recently, he has used 100-year-old Indian fabric on a new line of upholstered pieces. It is a look you don’t see elsewhere, and ensures that these pieces are one of a kind.

What are the easiest ways to change up the look of your home?
The easiest way to change the look of your home is to add new accessories, designs, fabrics, and colors. A dramatic, one-of-a-kind centerpiece or decorative wallpaper, for example, can significantly change the whole feel and tone of a room.

What is your philosophy toward decorating your home?
I don’t believe in decorating in a delicate, fragile way, or being matchy-matchy. I prefer warm, comfortable, casual environments, where kicking your boots up on the coffee table is okay. I am into sourcing unique pieces for my home, to give it an eclectic, interesting feel.