Angel Food Bakery

Devilishly good cupcake alert

Downtown Minneapolis’s Angel Food Bakery is the alter ego of Hell’s Kitchen, which lurks just below it in subterranean digs. In contrast to Hell’s gothic red-and-black lair, Angel is white, airy, and chandelier-sparkly: bakery as boutique.

Hell’s head pastry chef, Katy Gerdes, daughter of Hell’s co-owner Cynthia Gerdes, oversees the new operation, baking the restaurant’s famous bison sausage bread and caramel-pecan rolls, plus her own cakes, pastries, and loaves. In terms of staples, the multi-grain bread outshines the croissants, which lack differentiation between the crisp, flaky crust and the buttery, elastic center. (They’re better as scraps, repurposed by Angel Food into cute little cinnamon-frosting pull-aparts called Gooey Babies.)

Angel Food is a good source for coworker-pleasing treats—those with vegan or gluten-free diets will be pleasantly surprised by the options, especially the oatmeal-blueberry cookies

cupcakesQUICK BITE: Angel Food excels in marrying sweet with savory, like these sophisticated cupcakes. In this baklava-inspired beauty, honey cake is saturated with honey milk, tres leches–style, then topped with tangy cream-cheese-yogurt frosting, roasted pistachios, and a phyllo shard. The Canadian is a fabulous breakfast-as-dessert of maple-buttermilk cake, maple buttercream, and spiced-candied bacon. Naturally, anything Devil’s Food is heavenly.

86 S. Ninth St., Mpls., 612-238-1435,

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