April 2008 Letters to the Editor

Baby Blessings

I was thrilled to see Dr. Ted Nagel on the cover of your March 2008 issue. I am very fortunate that this talented and compassionate doctor was more concerned about me than obtaining stellar in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates. After two failed IVF cycles, I was told by two reproductive endocrinologists in the Twin Cities that they would not allow me to continue my treatments to achieve a pregnancy unless I used donor eggs. Fortunately, Dr. Nagel gave me hope and agreed to do an IVF cycle using my own eggs. I am so blessed that he did. Because of Dr. Nagel’s determination and experience, I am the proud mother of my beautiful son, Noah.

Laura Tussey

Paging Doctors Statewide

I get Minnesota Monthly because I expect it to be about Minnesota—the whole state. I understand the inevitable slant toward things metropolitan because half the population of our state resides there. However, you call yourself Minnesota Monthly, and when you touted “Best Doctors for Women” in your last issue, I assumed it would be a statewide report. When I failed to find a single out-state physician listed, I looked further to find that, in the fine print, the survey only included the seven-county metro area.

I am disappointed. We have many fine physicians in Mankato, as they do in St. Cloud, Duluth, and Rochester. Maybe your subscriptions outside of the metro area would increase if you included things of interest to the whole state.

Amy Orcutt

Mary Jo’s A-Pehl

Unfortunately, it’s taken me far too long to write this, but I just wanted to let your magazine know how much I enjoyed Mary Jo Pehl’s “Souper Trouper” column (November 2007). It’s rare that an essay makes me laugh out loud, but this one did. It reminded me of my honeymoon, when I discovered what a food wimp I truly am. I’m so glad you publish Ms. Pehl!

Jennie Goloboy

Green Groupie

I was sadly disappointed by the article, “Blarney Breakdown” (Talk), in your March issue. Minnesota has a wealth of Irish music and some of our musicians are known all over the world. But instead of giving readers a wonderful resource for St. Patrick’s Day, your article seems to have lazily listed the most popular pseudo-Irish pub bands you could find (save Katie McMahon). Although they have their place in the music scene, I would never give the Tim Malloys a nine on the “tradition scale.” They are as far from Irish tradition as you can get! What about the world-renowned band Altan, which performed at the Cedar Cultural Center in March with our own Daithi Sproule on guitar? Or there’s Paddy O’Brien from County Offaly, who’s been living in St. Paul. As you can see, there are numerous Irish musicians here who perform a piece of real Irish culture.

Danielle Enblom



Last month’s Top Doctors feature contained an error regarding the practice of Jeffrey H. Aldridge, St. Paul Plastic Surgery (651-646-2717). Dr. Aldridge is accepting new patients. Also, in the March doctors list, James L. Raders’s contact information was incorrect. He is located at Female Pelvic Medicine, 2805 Campus Dr., Suite 405, Plymouth, 651-999-1900.

2008 Tamarack Award

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