Ask the Expert: Adding Space in Old Homes

Q. We need more space for our growing family. We are thinking of purchasing an old house and remodeling it to suit our needs. Do you have any advice for us?

A. First of all, congratulations! My advice is to involve your architect and/or design professional early in the process. Better yet, bring your architect along to the second or third walk-through. We can help you visualize and understand how the house might meet your present needs and evolve over time. We can help assess the building with respect to its suitability for remodeling, the budget, and even zoning and heritage preservation requirements.

It’s important to remember that every project has to “find itself” with respect to your goals and desires, the cost to accomplish these things, and the payback of your investment. The right realtor, architect, and builder can offer you the insight to help make the right decisions that will serve you well into the future.

Expert Note

There’s nothing “greener” than reinventing an old house—and more satisfying, too.