Ask the Expert: How Can I Bring More Luxury Into My Home?

A. I believe luxury stands somewhere beautifully between indulging in pleasure, satisfaction, and ease, and searching for a deeper engagement with the world we live in. That’s especially true when it comes to designing an interior space. If you want a home that feels luxurious, start by treating yourself to a dedicated space where you can pursue a favorite activity. Whether it’s a single room, a second home, or both, treating yourself to a place where you can find yourself is one of life’s great pleasures. Fill that space with made-to-measure furniture. What could be more enjoyable than a well-crafted chair that is perfectly tailored to fit your legs, seat, and back? And finally, surround yourself with original works of art—collecting paintings, sculptures, or even handwoven rugs is one of the ultimate ways to obtain a sumptuous environment that can lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

Expert Note

Dimensional walls handmade from natural fiber add a luxurious layer of interest. Several wall covering artisans use traditional hand techniques in the form of exquisite silk painting.