Ask the Expert: How do I know I’m choosing a good builder/remodeler?

Every builder you interview will tell you they offer the best quality and service. Therefore, to really know you are selecting the right builder/remodeler for your project, you should look at three things:

1. Ask to visit other homes that the builder has completed in recent years. This is the best way to see, touch, and feel the quality of craftsmanship that a builder has to offer.

2. Ask the builder for an extensive list of references. Call several people on the list that is provided. Ask questions like: How was your experience overall? Was the project on budget? Was the project completed on time? Would you recommend this builder to a friend or relative?

3. Look at the builder’s license number. Low license numbers signify longevity in the business, and financial stability. These two things are imperative when selecting a builder nowadays. John Kraemer & Sons’ license number is BC001408, one of the lowest in the industry today. We have never gone out of business, reorganized, or changed owners since our inception in 1978

John, Gary, and Jeff Kraemer
John Kraemer & Sons