Ask the Expert: I love the look of wood garage doors, but I don’t like the maintenance. Do you have any alternative suggestions?

Today, there is a variety of alternatives to traditional wood doors. We carry a large selection of materials that look and feel nearly identical to wood, without the hassle and upkeep that natural wood typically requires. We also carry steel doors with an indistinguishable wood grain design that comes in three unique finishes, combining the beauty and texture of natural wood with the energy efficiency of an insulated door. Garage doors can cover up to one-third of the front of your home—a significant part of your home’s curb appeal and a factor in boosting your home’s resale value. There are more styles, colors, and textures of garage doors than ever before. Replacing an old garage door with an attractive new one can transform an average house into a beautiful home.

Brian Brinker
Sales representative
Industrial Door Company, Inc.

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