Ask the Expert: I want a screened-in porch, but should I build a three-season porch to avoid the mess?

So many homeowners want a screen porch where they can relax outdoors while being protected from bugs and the elements. They choose a screen porch because it’s as open to the outdoors as possible. They imagine tranquil afternoons enjoying the fresh air, the smells and sounds of nature, and an old-fashioned togetherness sitting on the back porch. Then, visions of wet floors, dirty furniture and dirty screens pop into their minds. Reality takes hold and they decide to give up their screen porch for a porch with glass windows.

Before you make this change, consider how you truly want this space to function. A screen porch is an outdoor living space while a porch with glass windows becomes more like a sunroom or another interior room in your home. The windows will increase the temperature in your porch, which is nice in the winter months, but not as comfortable in the summer. Sunrooms and three-season porches are wonderful spaces, but they are very different from the open atmosphere of a screen porch.

If you decide to keep your screen porch and are looking for ways to protect it, consider purchasing
exterior shades or another protective covering. As the owner of Weather Queen Shades, I designed
our exterior shades so homeowners can enjoy their screen porch without the mess. Shades are an investment, but they can help keep your porch clean and dry AND block the sun and heat when needed.

Carla Ingram
Weather Queen Shades

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