Ask the Expert: Is there only one solution to my design dilemma?

A. No, there are many options and solutions to a design problem. It is important to decide what’s driving your desire to design a space: function, aesthetics, or a combination of both? It’s important to determine which of these concepts is most important so that you are ultimately satisfied with the end result. If function is driving the dilemma, determine what isn’t working so that your designer can clearly focus on options for you, not only in furnishings, but room flow and the materials used. If aesthetics are more important and the room needs to be more pleasing to the eye, let that drive the design process.

Expert Note: There is never just one solution for a space, but determining what is most important will help your designer help you achieve a pleasing and successful room.  It is important not to compromise function for aesthetics or vice versa, but a room that does not function properly will never be totally pleasing. 

Talla Skogmo”‹, owner
Talla Skogmo Interior Design

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