Ask the Expert: Where can I find inspiration for my new home or renovation project?

Finding inspiration for your new home or renovation project can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. It’s like taking a vacation—figuring our what you’re going to do, discovering new things along the way, and imgining how fun it’s going to be “when you get there.” With current technology, there are many avenues to pursue for inspiration. Save favorite photos on sites like Houzz, Cultivate, and a myriad of home design blogs. Even “liking” your favorite design magazines, architects, and builders on Facebook will provide you with photo updates and industry insight, sometimes even specific to your area. Flickr is another site with “photostreams” that can contain countless artchitectural images. A more traditional approach is buying design magazines that suit your particular style. Tear out images of designs you like and keep a folder of inspiring ideas. If you’re confident in the design direction you want to go, consider shopping for books (think Amazon with keywords) that highlight that style. Lastly, if you’re out and about, drive through neighbrohoods and pay attention to the homes you like (what is it that you like about them?) or find inspiration on a local home tour. Or—if you really love a house—just walk up to the door and tell the homeowner(s) you want to buy it! 

-Jeff Murphy, President/Owner
Murphy & Co. Design

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