Ask the Expert: Why would I use porcelain tile rather than natural stone?

Natural stone is a beautiful product used for centuries as a quality building material. There’s no denying that it has a timeless look. However, it might not be for everyone. Stone needs special care and might not make the most sense in the application you desire. It also tends to be more expensive than other tile materials. For these reasons, many people consider other options. One of these alternatives is porcelain. In recent years, digital technology has been able to successfully translate the beauty of a natural product into a man-made material. Photos of natural stone are shot, then an ink jet image is digitally printed onto the porcelain tile. In some cases, there are over 80 images used—which means little to no repeat in pattern, giving an appearance of varying texture and color, just like natural stone! Porcelain is also an exceptionally durable material, it doesn’t scratch or stain. With the exception of granite, it’s actually harder and stronger than stone. This means it can be used in wet areas, outdoors, and in heavy traffic areas of the home. And unlike stone, porcelain does not require maintenance. It doesn’t need to be sealed, resealed, polished, or steam cleaned. It offers the perfect combination of both beauty and brawn!

Pam Kottas Gilbert 
Sales Manager
Uson Design Solutions