Ask the Homeowner

We asked homeowners a few questions about their homes and the process of working with an architect. Here’s what they had to say:

Q. How did you select this architect?

A. Homeowners: Karen and Lee
Home #11: Charles R. Stinson Architects

My brother, Charles Stinson, designed our home and my nephew, Jason Stinson, is our builder. CRS Design, another company my brother owns, is doing the decorating. Talk about hiring people you trust to do a good job! I think my brother is wildly creative, fierce in his commitment to excellence and a kind, ethical, fun guy. I have always dreamed of having him design a house for me, and now that dream has come true with this home; to be enjoyed during our “freedom from work” years.

Q. What was your design intention?

A. Homeowners: Lynne and Rahoul
Home #10: McMonigal Architects

Our goals were many, but the primary reasons for the project were to create more family and multi-purpose space on the main floor, and add a bedroom, bath, and laundry on the second floor.

Homeowner: Harvey
Home # 13: Building Arts Sustainable Architecture + Construction

I’m an architect and this is my home. We did a whole-house remodel (inside and out) with the intention of making it the greenest total remodel that has ever been done in the Twin Cities. We believe we have succeeded. It’s now a MNGreenStar Type IV Gold Certified home.

Homeowner: Victoria
Home #14: Charles R. Stinson Architects

We were working with several challenges on the site, but our intention was to maximize the views of the St. Croix River, create a home that fit organically into the site, enhance the landscape, and fill our lifestyle requirements.

Q. What were the priorities for your home?

A. Homeowners: Jacquelyn and Todd
Home #7: Kuhl Design + Build

Our priorities were to have a home conducive to raising three small children, including space that would allow for our kids—and our guests—to hang out while we were in the kitchen. It was also very important to keep the integrity of the home by staying true to the era it was built.

Homeowners: Lynne and Rahoul
Home #10: McMonigal Architects

Our main priority was to have a house that fit our lifestyle, with less maintenance. It was also very important to exceed today’s energy standards while preserving the original character.  

Homeowners: Karen and Lee
Home #11: Charles R. Stinson Architects

We wanted to demonstrate that you can affordably build a beautiful house in a sustainable way. Our goal is to achieve the advanced level of the Minnesota Green Path Program. We want our energy footprint to be as small as possible.