Augsburg Mainstage

2211 Riverside Ave., Mpls.

Animal Cracker Genocide

Ben San Del
There will be no journey of self-discovery. No deep reveal. No greater truth. Cleanse your palate with a new comedy show from the maker of “Mittens for Fat Kids” and “Strawberry Fields Temporarily.” Created by Ben San Del. Ages 13+

Applesauce Fiction

Jeffrey Shockley
A fable of cosmic proportions. In order to teach a frivolous couple a lesson about frugality, a count and his haberdasher companion convince them to set up shop in an alternate universe, with wild consequences. Written by Maggie Williams. Ages 16+ Adult language

A Cynic Tells Love Stories

Katherine Glover
Seducing porn stars, falling for straight girls, saying no to a bride price of cattle. So much experience, and so little to show for it… except the stories. A comic mix of memoir, music and jaded fairy tales. Written by Katherine Glover. Ages 16+ Adult language


Heidi Arneson
Heidi Arneson’s comical herd of characters stampede through the secrets of girlhood, the firestorms of female sexuality, and the future of mating on a plastic planet. “A must-see.” —Strib. “Hilarious!” —Lavender. Created by Heidi Arneson. Ages 13+ Adult language

Horace Greeley the Lesser: On the Isle of Misfit Toys

Walking Boxes Productions
Musical theater/Comedy
Fifty years have passed since Rudolph visited the fabled Isle of Misfits. Now the hapless toys live in terror of their new, evil dictator. Can Horace, armed only with his musical weapons, liberate the Misfits? Created by J Roth.

“The man who turned into a dog/Poet in New York” created by Aviñón Teatro

Teatro del Pueblo
An experimental work mixing a play by Osvaldo Dragún and poems by García Lorca. An expressionist look to the dehumanization of man’s self-worth by unrestrained capitalism. English with some Spanish. Created by Aviñón Teatro based on Dragún/Lorca. Ages 12+

Needs, Wants, Desires!

Rhino Productions
Cover your ears and avert your eyes.This bawdy little trio of naughty comedies unwraps a risqué housewarming gift, a questionable gay anniversary and the relentless quest for a curvaceous, irresistible body. Written by directed by Mic Weinblatt. Ages 16+ Nudity, Adult language

The Rise of General Arthur

Maximum Verbosity
Solo/Spoken Word
The fifth century meets the twenty-first as Lance Corporal Pellinore is shipped off to Baghdad. It’s Arthur’s story… as you’ve never heard it before. Created by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low. Ages 12+ Violence, Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

Screams in the Dark

Good Evening Productions
A family with issues is forced to spend an evening together during a power outage. Secrets are revealed, emotions are confronted and everyone is forced to realize the faults within themselves. Created by James Zappa. Ages 16+ Violence, Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

Seasons in the Sun

Steve Hirsch
Musical theater/Drama
Is it better to have loved than to be loved? Will that time of loving come again? Enter into one man’s romantic musical theater adventure set to the music, song and poetry of Rod McKuen. Created by Steve Hirsch. Ages 2+

Stroke Is No Joke

Mary Helena
From Racine, Wis.: An entertaining, informative, inspiring journey into the world of one woman’s stroke and the reactions of others to it. A dramatic testament to the resiliency of the human spirit. Engaging, comedic, touching. Real! Ages 12+









Thursday, July 30

5:30 The man who turned…
7:00 GRRL!
8:30 Horace Greeley
10:00 Screams in the Dark

Friday, July 31

5:30 Needs, Wants, Desires!
7:00 Stroke Is No Joke
8:30 GRRL!
10:00 A Cynic Tells Love Stories

Saturday, August 1

1:00 A Cynic Tells Love Stories
2:30 The man who turned…
4:00 Horace Greeley
5:30 Rise of General Arthur
7:00 Applesauce Fiction
8:30 Screams in the Dark
10:00 Seasons in the Sun

Sunday, August 2

1:00 Applesauce Fiction
2:30 Screams in the Dark
4:00 Needs, Wants, Desires!
5:30 Animal Cracker Genocide
7:00 Seasons in the Sun
8:30 A Cynic Tells Love Stories
10:00 Rise of General Arthur

Monday, August 3

5:30 Stroke Is No Joke
7:00 Animal Cracker Genocide
8:30 Applesauce Fiction
10:00 GRRL!

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Seasons in the Sun
7:00 Rise of General Arthur
8:30 Stroke Is No Joke
10:00 The man who turned…

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 Applesauce Fiction
7:00 Horace Greeley
8:30 Rise of General Arthur
10:00 Needs, Wants, Desires!

Thursday, August 6

5:30 A Cynic Tells Love Stories
7:00 GRRL!
8:30 Needs, Wants, Desires!
10:00 Screams in the Dark




Friday, August 7

4:00 Animal Cracker Genocide
5:30 The man who turned…
7:00 Seasons in the Sun
8:30 Horace Greeley
10:00 Stroke Is No Joke

Saturday, August 8

1:00 GRRL!
2:30 Animal Cracker Genocide
4:00 Horace Greeley
5:30 Needs, Wants, Desires!
7:00 A Cynic Tells Love Stories
8:30 Rise of General Arthur
10:00 Applesauce Fiction

Sunday, August 9

1:00 Screams in the Dark
2:30 The man who turned…
4:00 Seasons in the Sun
5:30 Animal Cracker Genocide
7:00 Stroke Is No Joke
8:30 Fringe Encore





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