August 2010 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the last issues of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Cheers to BBQ

I recently became a member of Minnesota Public Radio and received my first copy of Minnesota Monthly. I couldn’t wait for Saturday when I could sit on my deck, sip my coffee, and read the magazine.

I read about the best barbecue (July) in Minnesota and, on a Sunday afternoon, decided to venture out to Louie’s, since it is such a short distance from my home. I pulled into Ironton searching for Louie’s, and it didn’t take long to spot the little white building painted with bright red and orange flames shooting from its base.

I entered Louie’s Bucket of Bones and just loved the down-home feel. There was a gentleman at the counter asking Joyce (the owner) about the menu. She said, “C’mon in and sit down, both of you. I will give the spiel to you at the same time.” She gave us the rub to smell, the barbecue sauce to taste, and explained the menu.

My mouth watered as she talked about the homemade mashed potatoes and bread. I told Joyce that I read the article. She smiled and said, “Everybody did!” The couple across from me nodded, saying that they read the article and rode their motorcycle from Grand Rapids to check it out. I went outside as I waited for my food to take some pictures, and the couple sitting outside had the magazine sitting on their table. They asked if I was a photographer and held up the article, saying they were on their way home from Hackensack to Stillwater and had to stop. We laughed as I told them I read the article and the couple inside did as well.

There are only four tables: The Grand Rapids couple was at one, and a local gentleman at the other. Another couple came in and sat at the table where Joyce had been working. Another couple from Pillager came in, and I told them they could sit with me. As we talked they said that they read the article and the other couple who had walked in chimed in that they did, too!

I had such a wonderful time meeting all of these people. We all thought it was so neat that we were all members of MPR. The conversation and barbecue were excellent!

One last note: This is one of those moments I will never forget. The couple that I sat with said a few things to me that I will always take with me. I believe people cross paths for a reason and this truly made my whole day.

Tracy Blowers


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