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This is the fifth time we’ve produced a “Best Doctors for Women” cover package—a tour de force that requires the work of hundreds of people. Only a handful of those legion contributors are on our editorial staff, however: The majority of work is done by Twin Cities physicians who eke out a few minutes from their busy schedules to participate in our semi-annual poll. The winners—and the particulars of how we conducted the survey—can be found in the feature. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize all the doctors who filled out the questionnaire yet didn’t themselves make the list. We’re grateful for your expert contributions. Thank you.

Every doctor on the list has a story to tell, of course: why they chose the profession, how they survived medical school, what it’s like to remove a spleen or diagnose Alzheimer’s or help a couple overcome infertility problems. The tales are fascinating—if you can get a doctor to stop long enough to tell the story. Which is exactly what staff writer Gregory J. Scott did as the summer drew to an end. Digital recorder in hand, he visited five of the top doctors in their offices, asking them to talk about pivotal moments in their professional life and pressing them to describe the things that moved them, made them cry, and brought them joy. The result is a set of as-told-to’s that offer insight into what it’s like to deliver a baby, to see a brain for the first time, or to tell a family their son is paralyzed. The stories, which appear alongside the Best Doctors list, are riveting—a glimpse of what it’s like not only to work in healthcare, but also to care deeply about patients.

One more thing: In November, we plan to run the results of another poll as part of our annual Best of the Twin Cities roundup. And this time around, it’s not just doctors who can vote—you can, too. Who makes the best pizza? What’s the best lake? Who brews the best local beer? Answer our quick, 12-item questionnaire at:


Mike McGregor Mike McGregor grew up in Minneapolis surrounded by cameras. He started shooting at 16 and continued his studies at Montana State University where he skied, paddled, rode, and graduated with dual degrees in photography and literature. He uses his camera to fulfill his desire to celebrate and empower different cultures. He put his art to use in this month’s cover feature, “Best Doctors for Women.”
Michael Perry Michael Perry is a humorist, amateur pig farmer, and author of the memoirs Population 485, Coop, and Truck: A Love Story. He has written and produced several live-audience recordings and currently serves as host of Tent Show Radio. He resides with his family in rural Wisconsin, where he remains active as a volunteer emergency medical responder. Perry wrote an essay for this month’s feature on apples.
Marta Antelo Marta Antelo, who did the illustration for this month’s Last Word, studied fine arts in her hometown of Valencia, Spain, where she was inspired by the beach,  sun, brilliant colors, and paella. She and her husband currently live in Madrid and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first daughter, Chloe. In addition to illustrating for magazines, Antelo also works for children’s books and human rights organizations.